Egypt Revolts: Day Sixteen

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 

This revolution has changed people, they have changed their lives. It has made them think differently, it has made them react with dignity to everything, it has made them think more positively, it has given them the power to say NO loudly. And so:

Today, protests and strikes were all over the country. The revolution was always all over the country, but today everyone protested and striked at work. I couldn't even remember all the names of the cities and firms that had protests today. I don't even think that there was one city across Egypt that didn't have a protest today. The streets were closed everywhere because of the protests, so I was unable to go to Tahrir, but the numbers are huge there. The cabinet meeting even had to move because of the protests.

Yesterday Omar Soliman has said that it's either a dialogue and people accept to wait, or a military coup. People shut him up by protesting everywhere. Today he came again saying that there’s no way that Mubarak leaves now and that those Tahrir will have to leave soon, again they told him to shut up. That of course came after he told ABC news that Egyptians aren’t ready for the democracy, and of course he was told to shut up. 

Other good steps were taken today too; some lawyers have issued reports to the attorney general about the Mubaraks' wealth. One more thing worth mentioning is that the minister of foreign affairs of UAE met Mubarak yesterday to give him a secret message. UAE have also told Saddam Husein to leave before the U.S. got into Iraq.

The ministry of the interior sent three different SMSs today all saying that the police will do nothing except to serve the people and  that police are back in the streets to protect us and to please cooperate with them. Meanwhile, they surrounded a protest in Kharga and shot to kill at people. They've killed and injured many there, this has been happening since yesterday.


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