Protesting isn't Always the Answer

Fighting with everyone isn't either.... 

I'm against stereotyping, against defining people according to their looks or clothes. I'm against arresting someone for protesting. But I'm also against giving them the chance to do so. I'm against protesting when it's going to make the revolution lose the people's support. Because people are the most important thing, a lot more important than the fight with the SCAF. So if this fight is going to make the revolution lose its people then no one should fight it.

I'm against thinking of protesting and never of playing politics, because some things can be solved with politics, and without losing any supporters. If the revolution loses its people then the revolution is going to die. Our revolution was victorious because the whole country revolted, not only youth activists, not only opposition groups, not only middle class, not only Muslims, not only men, not only Cairo and Alexandria. Our revolution was able to overthrow Mubarak because we were able to unite, we won because we fought for a common demand, and now is not the time to lose people. We have to stay united, we have to look at the bigger picture, we have to not have tens of small fights, the revolution can't just lose everyone.

I know what the army is doing is totally unacceptable, but why give them a chance to do it? Especially if we look at the bigger picture, we'll see that in the past few days, many were put in prison, so no one is going to be against the army. So why do things that might start fights with the army when we know that no one is going to be on our side, especially when we can always have a win-win situation using politics? Why is it either black or white? 

I'm also against never listening, whether you want to believe it or not, you're not necessarily always right, and not listening to others is not going to get you anywhere. Accusing someone of not being revolutionary enough just because they don't want to fight with the SCAF can never be right. Being reckless and uncontrollable is not always the best way to do things, not listening to politicians just because they're telling you to slow down is not going to get the country anywhere. 
Being too busy fighting with the army, and forgetting about the things that can make them leave soon can't be right. Why not focus on people's support, why not get ready for the parliamentary elections? Aren't these things very important too? Aren't these the things that are going to make us get rid of the army and have real democracy soon? If we do this, we get people's support, we continue on our path to democracy together, if we forget everything and fight with the army, we lose people, lose our path to democracy, lose the tiny bit of support we have from the army, and have more dictatorship from the SCAF. Which is better?


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