Counter Revolution Going Strong

OK, we need to move fast. The police are still working as thugs; setting buildings on fire to burn documents, shooting into the air to scare people, spreading rumors about how dangerous Egypt has become and keeping us busy trying to protect ourselves. NDP people are everywhere; inside protests telling people to stop protesting, on Facebook and Twitter spreading rumors, telling people how good Shafiq is and talking people into staying home, and on TV telling people how dangerous it is to keep the protest.

If we don't move fast, then we're going to find ourselves going back to how we were before January 25. They're burning their documents, they're taking back the power, they're trying their best to divide us, they're trying tell people that we're some stupid kids who know nothing about politics, and a lot of people are starting to believe this. What do we do? Yes, protest. 

The important thing is that we protest in large numbers, and always large numbers.When they're a few thousands, NDP people are always able to get in and when they talk, they're heard. When they're a million, they're always able to get the NDP people out of the square. When we're many, we look stronger, we are stronger. When we're stronger, we scare them, we show them the power in our hands, and that's the aim of Friday's protest, which will turn into a sit in if the demands aren't met. If it's turned into a sit in, I hope the numbers aren't a few thousands to avoid what happened last Friday.


  1. You're right ya Mariam. Except if this goes bad, we're not going back to where we were before. We're going to somewhere new and much worse. This will be the second Friday. If it took 3 Fridays to remove Mubarak, I'm hoping it doesn't take more than that to remove Shafiq, though he's much trickier I think.

  2. I agree. Removing Mubarak, was only removing the head of the regime, or its mask. Removing Shafiq would hopefully mean removing the whole regime, that's why I think it might be harder.


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