Egypt Revolts: Day Seven

Monday, January  31st, 2011
And the protests continue, and are bigger than any other day, in Tahrir square and all squares across Egypt that will liberate us soon. They’re not only protesting, but also cleaning the streets, how civilized, the scene makes me feel so proud to be an Egyptian. It doesn’t feel right to stay at home, especially after I went to the Rage Friday protest. But since I live in Heliopolis, and near Mubarak’s residence, I’m not sure if I can go anywhere. Protesters are planning million man marches in Cairo, Alexandria and all other cities that have enough population to bring one million to the streets. I plan to go tomorrow, hope it’s possible.

And again, no internet, no SMSs, but the armed forces keep sending us SMSs. They ask people not to defy the curfew, tell them not to worry, that they’ll never turn brutal. I really hope so; I have to say these SMSs are giving me a lot of hope.

Mubarak told Shafiq to start a dialogue with the opposition. I don’t know which opposition he’s talking about though, because real opposition parties and groups said that there will be no dialogue with the regime. He must be talking about El Wafd and El Tagmoa parties, which shouldn’t even be counted as opposition.

Police are still nowhere to be found, only in uniform. Of course they’re everywhere looting. People are still protecting their homes and even monuments in Luxor and Aswan. Again, today in Mohandeseen in Cairo a policeman was arrested by the people’s committee while looting a shop. Speaking of looters and thieves, some of those who were released from prisons by the police yesterday were arrested today by the army.

The new cabinet said its oath today in front of Mubarak; minister of interior is out. Mahmoud Wagdy is the new minister; he was head of Egyptian prisons.  Did they bring him to put us all under one big prison? Many ministers are from Nazif’s cabinet, most of them are. The ministers of finance and investment are only changed because they refused to join the new cabinet. The whole cabinet is NDP or have an NDP agenda. This cabinet shows that the regime doesn’t even plan to compromise anything, their end will come soon.

Omar Soliman came out on us today saying that starting tomorrow the new cabinet will work on enhancing the economy, fighting unemployment and corruption, and bringing life back to Egypt. These people live in a parallel universe, they’re definitely not talking about the same country.

At the morning, protesters said that if Mubarak doesn’t leave until Friday, then there will be a million man march to the presidential palace. After the curfew, the numbers have increased and they started talking about coming to the presidential palace tomorrow. I really don’t think this is a good idea; there are many many tanks and soldiers here, I fear they might open fire on protesters if they come here.

There are protests in different places in the world to support us, yet, here in Egypt, there will be a pro Mubarak demonstration tomorrow going against the pro democracy protesters. People at the news say that something serious is going to happen tomorrow. 

What could happen? Could the military open fire on protesters? Did the police leave to join the pro Mubarak demonstrations tomorrow? I’m hoping Egypt and Egyptians stay safe tomorrow. If they kill more people tomorrow, what could happen? Will this stop people from protesting? Or will it result in larger demonstrations? If the army opens fire on protesters, will this be the end? This is getting scary!

The military assures that it will never use brutality against peaceful protesters, I really hope so. Why would they say that? Does it make any sense that they plan on opening fire and say that they won’t? Would they encourage people to join the demonstration when they plan on opening fire? No, I don’t think so, our military is better than that. They also said that they support the people’s demands, I really doubt that our army would use brutality.

Tanks are now all around the neighborhood. They were only in Merghany Street and the street that leads to Mubarak’s residence since Friday. But now tanks surround the whole neighborhood. Our neighbors decided to protect our building’s gate with cars in case the demonstrations reach here. Although I doubt they will and if they do, I’m sure they won’t harm us, unless of course the pro Mubarak ones reach here too. Let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Neighbors say we’re isolated by barbed wire all around us, we’re stuck at home! Not only this, there are two demonstrations coming our way from Gesr El Suez and Kobry el Qobba to try to reach Mubarak’s home, but nothing came here until now don’t think they’re coming. People are scared that they might be accompanied with thugs who would loot our buildings.  People’s committee are going around to talk with the army soldiers who said that of course will open fire on them if they reach here, which kind of make sense. Please God let our protesters stay safe. 

Some of my weird weird neighbors that support the Mubarak regime and are talking like Israel and not the free Egyptian youth are coming tomorrow. They say that Tantawy and Samy Anan were just here to support and encourage the soldiers.  If this were true, then it means that the military will never help the people on doing a coupe! Unless of course lower ranks will. Anyway, there are too many rumors going around these days, and there’s no way to confirm anything with no internet connection. I’ve decided not to believe anything I hear unless there’s some kind of proof.


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