What's After Yes?

As someone who voted no, and believed that no would've made things easier, because it would've given us more degrees of freedom when it comes to accepting or refusing the plans the army has for us. As a no voter, I can't say I'm happy with the results, but I also don't feel that It's the end of the world, or the revolution. I know the yes voters, or most of them want the best for Egypt, and so do the no voters. I simply know that Egypt is in safe hands. I totally accept the majority's choice, and am ready to unite with them and work for the next phase of the revolution.
After we knew the results, and this part of the life of Egypt is over, now It's time to reunite and work together very hard for the next step. I don't support the idea of voting no because the MB scare me, but I still don't want them in power. And I totally believe that if we just sit and watch, MB will gain many seats in the parliament. Not because Egyptians are bad, or are not ready for democracy or because they don't love Egypt enough, but because they're unaware of many things. And again this isn't because they want to be that way. It's because of who made them uneducated and living under the poverty line on purpose.

I'm someone who doesn't like the MB ideologies and of course against the NDP, but  again, this isn't why I think I should do something. I should do something because people should be aware, should know the consequences of their choice, should know how to choose. They should understand that politics and religion are two very different things, that God doesn't want them to choose a certain person, that they can choose whoever they want and won't go to hell because of their choice. They should know why they shouldn't choose because someone bribed them with food or money. 

I was lucky enough to be born to a family who has enough money to educate me very well, to be raised in a revolutionary family who is politically aware and have brought me up to be just like them. I was lucky enough to have revolutionary parents, who have not only encouraged me to go to Tahrir, but took me there, starting Rage Friday. I believe I was given these privileges to use them, to spread what I know, to help whoever needs help. I'm not an activist, although I'd love to be. My only connection to politics was watching, reading and writing. I was always aware of everything happening in Egypt and everywhere else, but I was never part of it until January 25th. I'm a normal person, only educated and politically aware, but I, and whoever is as normal as I am, should be part of an awareness campaign. Because activists and politicians aren't enough, many many people must join these campaigns. Because everyone should be perfectly aware of the consequences of their choices before the next elections. There is a lot of work to do, that's why everyone should be part of it.

The other very important thing that must be done now is a coalition between all parties that took part of the revolutions before this parliamentary elections, and all politically aware people should be part of this party, why? Because unity is power, and right now we need power. So all parties now should agree on the headlines to keep the revolution safe, and when we reach real democracy they can go back to their real parties in the next parliamentary elections. But now we need to unite and focus on everyone's demands, before it's too late...


  1. I really enjoyed reading your text. I like the idea that you are really accepting people's choice even if you voted the opposite (I was myself supporting the "no"), coz that's democracy.

    Keep up the good work!


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