I'm an Egyptian and Against Sectarianism and Segregation

If you don't know the story then please read this first:

In Atfih, a town in Helwan, there was a love relationship between a Muslim lady and a Christian man. This relationship has ended seven months ago. For some reason this week, after revolutionaries were able to get into the state security premises, the family of the Muslim lady remembered that her father did not take revenge. Yes, they remembered this seven months after the relationship has ended. So a fight started between the lady's father, a relative and a friend, all Muslims. The fight grown and it involved gunfire which resulted in the death of the father and his relative, and the friend was injured. After the funeral, some angry Muslims, and don't ask me why they're angry, went to the church and protested in front of it. Some of them got even angrier, and again don't ask me why, and set the church on fire. Things got even worse when the church was completely destroyed and some Christian homes were set on fire. This is what started protests in Atfih and Maspeero.

My humble opinion:

First let's ask ourselves why the lady's family suddenly remembered about this seven months later, and one day after the revolutionaries were able to get into the state security? This doesn't make any sense, why now? Why would a Muslim fight result into setting a church on fire? We should also remember that state security are fighting their last war and it's either win or die.

Here's what I think happened: since we all know that state security knows it all, they knew about this relationship and sent their spies to start the fight between the woman's family. When the men died, they didn't stop here, they started to tell people that this is the Christians' fault and that they should all go and take vengeance for those who died. People in this town are very poor and uneducated. Lack of education results in ignorance, and when people are ignorant it's very easy to make them support any idea. This is exactly why state security chose Atfeeh; they brainwashed the people and left them to continue the fights.

It was perfectly normal that we find protests at Maspeero when we know that this has happened and no one was even arrested. The good thing was that some Muslims joined this protest and Copts welcomed them. I'm totally against one category of the country protesting alone, because this will only help the old regime and state security to divide us. This is exactly why we saw Salafi protest today in Helwan demanding the release of Camillia. Seriously, whatever reminded them of her now? Aren't these the same people who said they won't protest when Sayed Bilal was killed by the police? We all know that Salafis are the state security's best friends. Plus, why did all this happen right after Sharaf was PM? Another question is, why did state security start to burn their documents right after Shafiq left?

My answer to all these questions is: counter-revolution. Simply Essam Sharaf is a good man, respected by us and will work for our benefit. State security knows that if he stays he will soon dissolve the whole thing, so the best solution is to do their best to abort the revolution. The easiest way to do this to divide revolutionaries among themselves. This is exactly what they're trying to do; brainwash some, have a reason to show that there is sectarianism, people protest, then they have others protest against them. Of course these protests will cause many problems to the new cabinet and might also divide the people and the government.

This plan has always been active, but it's going a lot stronger these days, and the truth is we're helping them. When no one helps those who were brainwashed understand the truth then we're helping them. When Copts protest with only few Muslims among them, then we're helping them. And we've helped them again today with giving them one more chance to divide us in the women rights protest in Tahrir. Those who were against the protest might not all be state security thugs or Islamists, many might be against women rights, simply because of ignorance and lack of education. Others might be brainwashed by the state security in the same way Muslims in Atfeeh were.

I totally support these protests' demands, but I hate to see someone divide us. My opinion is to minimize the number of protests as much as we can and let the new cabinet do its work. Some protests however, have to continue, so if some of us have to protest for some legitimate urgent demands then we should all protest together. If only a category of the people protest, we give the state security the chance to divide us. If we all protest together, if we must, for this category's demands, no one can divide us.

Of course the best way to solve this very dangerous problem is to dissolve the state security and have our cabinet try to meet the urgent legitimate demands. This isn't happening with the needed rate though, so again, it's our job to solve the problem. How? By never letting them divide us, and by raising awareness among those with  less education. One way to solve the sectarianism is to have some activists go to Atfeeh, both Muslim and Christain, possibly even MB and talk to people and raise awareness there. Maybe even start working on the church. I know this isn't anyone but the government's job, but we need to move fast before we fall into bigger divisions. Let's all do something for Egypt and our revolution...


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