The Dictator Within all of us

Egypt revolted against dictatorship, yet some of us still have a dictator within them. I find this normal after 30 years of oppression and getting used that whoever can force their point of view on others should do. When we were all victims of oppression from the ruler, everyone wanted to feel superior and oppress someone else. This has happened because some of us were brought up this way, seeing that dictatorship is the way to solve everything and because others felt that they have to treat someone in the same way they were treated in order to be able to accept the oppression they're living under.

This has happened between all different types of people in all situations. Starting from the government on people, to bosses on employees, to heads of schools and universities on students and staff, to parents on their sons and daughters no matter how old they are, to males on females, simply anyone who felt stronger than someone would treat them with hatred, superiority and injustice. Of course this isn't true with all Egyptians and there are levels, so for example lower classes with less education and less money would do this more than others with better education and more money who don't feel as oppressed by the government.

We've liberated Egypt from its dictator, now it's time to liberate ourselves. Everyone of us has a dictator within them. Those who oppress people in the above mentioned ways without even knowing it have dictators inside them. Those who want their opinions to rule have dictators inside them. Those who don't want people to have opinions that are different from theirs, even if this is out of concern for these people, have dictators inside them. Those who meet different opinions with sarcasm have dictators inside them.

It's time to liberate ourselves, it's time to learn that we're all free, all equal. It's time to accept different opinions, even if we don't agree with them. It's time to understand that if we don't like some opinion then we should talk to those who have it, and tell them why we think it's wrong, and please let's keep sarcasm out of it. It's time to accept that some people might not agree with us even after we try our best to make them, it's time to learn that this is OK. It's time to learn that some people won't even agree to listen to us, and it's their right and we can never force them to do so. It's time to not only have a democratic government, but also a democratic life. It's time to let go of the dictator within all of us.


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