Reasons for Tomorrow's Protest

Whoever says that there's no need to protest again tomorrow, please remember this:

  1. Fathy Soroor and Safwat El Sherif are still free and living as they please.
  2. Zakareya Azmy still has his job.
  3. Media people haven't all changed, and changing faces is not the aim. The main aim is changing their strategies.
  4. The referendum was only a joke; we voted on some "amendments" and then the constitutional decree had many unacceptable articles that we were not allowed to decide if we want. If this referendum was a real one, then we were supposed to vote on the whole constitution and not only some articles that the army chooses to stop us from objecting.
  5. If this ugly constitution will be changed before we vote for a new president, which is not a must. It will still be there for at least eight months during which the army can be as a dictator as Mubarak if they wish.
  6. The new protests' law is just a start that can lead to a series of oppression laws. If you think that these protests should stop, they shouldn't be stopped by force. This is against all international conventions, peaceful protesting is a legitimate right for everyone.
  7. The army used violence and oppression too many times to be forgiven. And why should we compare our army with that of Libya's? Why not compare it with Tunisia's army?
  8. The army does absolutely nothing without being pressured. If they don't want to arrest people except by law, then at least sack them. Hello? This is a revolution, we weren't joking!

Whoever says that by protesting tomorrow, we're harming Egypt's future, please remember this:

  1. Tomorrow is Friday; a day-off for almost everyone.
  2. Protests are in squares and won't be moving, this will NOT stop the traffic in the whole country.
  3. By protesting, we will not stop anyone from doing their work, reaching their destination, or sleeping at home.


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