State Security is Dead, National Security is Born

Today, the minister of the interior disbanded the state security, stopped all its activity, and permanently closed all its offices. But..... He also said that they're making a new department; the national security. The national security's job would be to secure the country and fight "terrorism". I'm trying to be happy, but I'm worried because:

  1. This might only be a change of names.
  2. No one told us the definition of "terrorism".
  3. National security is still a part of the interior ministry.
  4. No one said what will happen to the officers that used to work for the state security, will they be part of the national security?
  5. No one talked about the prosecution of every single officer who did any illegal thing before and after January 25th.
  6. No one explained in detail what the role of national security will be.
  7. We were not given any proof that national security will not turn into another state security, like judicial monitoring.
I'm not being pessimistic, but I feel that this decision is just to fool us....


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