Unity = Power

If there's one reason why our revolution succeeded in bringing down the regime and its head, it's that we were united. We have never given them the chance to divide us, this has been the case since the beginning of 2011. When the church was bombed on New Year's Eve and Christians knew very well that their Muslim friends, neighbors and colleagues have nothing to do with it. When Muslims celebrated Christmas with Christians and protected churches while they prayed. When both Muslims and Christians prayed in Tahrir, and all squares in Egypt, while their brothers and sisters protected their backs.

I know that most of the people who will read these words will be against divisions and fighting together. Most of the people who read this will already be united and have no sectarian problems of their own. The big problem is with people with less education. These people are very easy to brainwash, and that's what the state is security is playing at. Here, comes are role, because I've always thought that our role in this revolution is very important and doesn't only end at bringing down the regime. The fact that almost half the Egyptian population is illiterate gives us a very important role.

Later, our role would be to teach them to read and write, some of us might give them classes about politics. There will be a lot of things to do, and I'd love to be part of this with all I can. Now our role is to raise awareness between the uneducated. Our role is to go and speak with them, to explain to them why we should always stay united, to tell them who will benefit when we're divided. To explain to them that we all have to work together for Egypt. That this is the time to set all our differences aside and work on our one common interest; the welfare of Egypt.

I don't claim to know how to go to these people or who to talk to, I know that this is only an idea I wrote while sitting comfortably at home, but I'm willing to do more. If I fail to go to those people, then I'm going to talk to whoever I see of them; my maid, my driver, the janitors at work, simply anyone. Because we all know that this counter revolution is doing the best it can to stop us, because we all know that the only card they have is the divide and conquer strategy, and because none of us can accept to let them divide us. If you believe that all this sectarianism has been planned, then stand against it and speak up. Do whatever you can to stop it if you believe that our power is in our unity.


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