Whether it's a Yes or a No, We Must Always be United

I don't see a reason to be worried about the people's divisions between voting yes or no in the referendum, if anything, I see this as every healthy division. Most of the people, and I'm talking about people and not parties, are practicing the very first step towards democracy.

Real democracy doesn't have a winning of 99% in any elections or referendums. The whole country can never agree on a person or on all articles of a constitution. Most of us agreed on revolting for a better life, for dignity, for our money that the regime and its gang stole. But even then, the whole country didn't agree on revolting. The thing is that most of us can agree on the headlines; most of us will agree that we want the best for Egypt. But when it comes to details it won't be easy to have most of the country agree on one thing, because even though we all want the best for Egypt, not everyone would see one path as the best to reach a better future.

This is the best part of democracy; that everyone can choose an opinion, explain why they chose this opinion, then there could be debates between different options. Democracy means meeting opposing opinions with an open mind. It means thinking all the options then choosing whichever you think is best. It means talking to people to justify your opinion and accepting the fact that they might not agree with you. And the most important part of democracy is that after the elections are over, everyone should be ready to accept the majority's choice and work for the welfare of the country according to the new situation. This can be done by opposing the new president for example, which is always healthy to keep them on the right track, or by accepting their plans if they won't be causing you any harm.

The case of the referendum that we're witnessing these days makes it even easier for us to remain united, because both votes will lead to a new constitution. The only difference will be in who writes this constitution. This makes it a very good practice for us. So after we vote, we must all accept the majority's choice and work from here to make sure that we have a constitution that will support democracy, freedom, and social justice. Because most of those who will vote yes or no want this constitution but are taking two different paths, both believing that their path will lead to this constitution faster. Since we both want the same thing we should all stay united and accept the different paths toward the same dream.

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