Discipline isn't Just a Word

I had a wedding yesterday that I had to go to. I didn't want to go for many reasons that many would find very silly, but I went anyway. The wedding started at around 8:00, and two hours later, there was no sign of it ending any time soon. At 11:00, no one at all left, and nobody seemed to be thinking of the curfew. My family and I decided to leave then to be able to reach home before the curfew. Our hosts got mad at us for wanting to leave and forced us, literally, to stay for dinner. When we left at 11:20, 40 minutes before the curfew, we were the first to leave. When we told our hosts that we're leaving because of the curfew they looked at us as if we're coming from a different planet. Conclusion: everyone defied the curfew for a wedding!!

I can understand, and support, those who defied the curfew to protest, or for an emergency, but defying it for a wedding? This doesn't make any sense. The only reason everyone is not even noticing this curfew is indiscipline. Because we all know that this curfew is needed, to arrest thugs, to stay safe, or just to follow the rules. Because it's perfectly normal for people to follow the rules, unless they don't accept these rules and are going in the streets to protest against them.

Bottom line, if people don't learn the meaning of discipline, moving forward with this country will not be an easy task. If we never learn to follow the rules, and if those who don't follow them for no good reason are not punished, by the society before the government, then the road to success won't any close to us. It starts with everyone of us, we should all follow the rules, no matter how silly they might sound, let's please follow them. Let's tell everyone around us to follow the rules, because discipline is not just a word....


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