If Only...

  • If only we looked at what we have in common rather than our differences. 
  • If only we saw that all morals in all religions are the same, only rituals differ. 
  • If only we saw that all cultures believe in the same rules, even if they put them differently. 
  • If only we stopped lying to ourselves in order to hide from the truth that we can't face.
  • If only we stopped being selfish and thought about the rest of the world. 
  • If only we learned to work together, to respect each other, to love one another. 
  • If only we cared about people's welfare just like we cared about ours. 
  • If only we focused on love rather than hate. 
  • If only we did our duties and fought for our rights. 
  • If only we knew the power of being united. 
  • If only we stopped blaming everything on the rest of the world and never on ourselves.
  • If only we actually cared about our happiness and other people's. 
  • If only we didn't look at life as something that we're forced to go through.
  • If only we worked hard enough, with enough love.
  • If only we used out lives to to do what we were born to do.
  • If only we never lied, never did wrong to someone, never harmed the community.
  • If only we lived by love, hope, faith and belief... then the world would be a much much better place. If only we started by ourselves....


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