You're Loved

Love makes us happy, it keeps us alive, love doesn't weaken, it gives us strength. Love isn't falling, it's standing strong for your love. Love isn't breaking it's holding on to the best feeling in the world. Love puts a smile on one's face, plants hope in one's heart, and splashes faith into one's soul. Love gives color to one's life, it gives it the sweetest taste, it gives it a rosey scent. Love is a feeling that words find it hard to explain, it's one's treasure, a treasure that we should always hold on to. Love is God's greatest gift. Love is the greatest power, it's eternal happiness, it's inner peace. Love is belief, belief in one's self, in fairytales, in a greater power, belief that the world is a wonderful place. Love makes you healthier, love feeds your soul, love keeps you young. Whatever the question might be, love is always a part of the answer. Whoever you are, wherever in the world you might be, never forget that at any moment on any day, you... are loved, by at least one person on that Earth. You might not know it yet, but all you need to do is just keep looking.


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