The Park

The sun is right in the middle of the sky. Its rays spreading everywhere on the green fields giving them a glittering green color as the the soft breeze makes them dance. The sound of the streaming water is like an endless symphony. Little birds flying close to the ground singing their timeless medley. Brown park benches, with squirrels jumping around looking for someone's lunch to steel. 

A pregnant woman lies on one, with a book about motherhood between her hands. She seems to be in another world, with her newborn. On the bench next to her, sits a grandmother watching her young grandchild chase a butterfly. On the other side, sits a man holding a photograph, red-faced, heart beating so loud, breathing slowly, yet so deeply. A tear falls from his right eye, to his cheek, to his chin, then to the photograph, to her face. Next to him sits a tree, an old tree, a large tree with a large shade. Below they sit; a couple. They wear brown pants and white shirts, both of them. His hand lies around her shoulders. Her head lies on his chest. Him reading a book, her writing something in a notebook. They sit there, in perfect harmony. Her head falls on the perfect spot on his chest. His hand touches the right strip of her hair. He doesn't know what she's writing, she doesn't know what he's reading, but they both look like they know how they feel inside. A young man and his dog are playing together nearby. They both run to the same direction at the same time, they both understand each other perfectly. There's a certain energy running between them, one that can't be found between some people. 

On the other side, swans swim lazily in the lake. A young boy and a girl sit watching them while eating their lunch. The girl with a golden ponytail in a blue dress with a white ribbon tucked around her waist. Her shoes are the same color as her dress and socks same color as her ribbon. The boy has a dark brown hair wearing sneakers,  jeans and a grey shirt. He steals her sandwich and runs, she screams and runs after him. She gets her sandwich back. Two women in their workout clothes are having a walk, a fast fast walk, and every time they start talking, they find themselves slowing down. They stop talking and increase their pace again. A guy rides his bicycle and listens to music. There's a smile on his face, he looks like he's spending the time of his life, a time with himself. At the very end, an old couple walk together hand in hand. The woman is wearing a floral skirt, they're both smiling. Their smiles carry a lot that only they can understand. They carry memories, floral memories that only they share together....  Time changes and the park remains timeless....


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