Fix It!

You know what's our biggest problem right now? It's that we all think we know everything about everything. And the point is that if you think you know everything, then you probably know nothing. We oppose all opinions because other people know nothing! And in case you're wondering, I'm not talking about the fights between MB and revolutionaries. I'm not even talking about the politicians who come out on us everyday on TV to talk, and talk and talk some more telling us that we understand absolutely nothing, that we have to agree with them. And I'm not talking about the activists who have been working in politics for so long that they've learned everything there is to learn, and so they know everything and everyone else is not only dumb and know nothing, but sometimes even a traitor. 

I'm talking about us, the people who have suddenly turned into scholars in everything. It started with politics after the revolution, then it has spread to everything else. It has spread to economics, medicine, law, world relations, love relationships, tech, and the list never ends. Nobody cares about asking the experts anymore, because we're all experts now. Nobody cares about learning anymore, because we all know everything. Nobody cares about reading anymore, or even Googling, because we know a lot more than everybody else. What's the result? fights about everyone not understanding anything, and people actually not understanding anything because they think they know enough!

You know that saying by Socrates that goes like this "I know one thing, that I know nothing"? That's the only thing that will make you know enough, to always want to learn. Read lots of books, ask people, look up things, have questions, seek the truth. Otherwise, you'd know nothing. The world is filled with information that will definitely help you reach enlightenment. The world's greatest philosophers and scholars have never stopped learning, so should we. Fix yourself, because it is the only person who you can fix.


  1. "Fix yourself, because it is the only person who you can fix" this is pretty cool, you hold your tweeting activity and focused your thoughts for posts :)


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