Are you a Hypocrite?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Has it ever occurred to you that you might be one of those people? For thirty years we've been victims of hypocrisy, and now after we've started our revolution hypocrisy seems to be like an epidemic disease that won't end. It's everywhere, in our society and in others. So have you ever thought that you too could be a part of the problem? Because hypocrisy isn't just about telling your ruler that he's perfect when he's fake...

Have you chosen your major because that's what you want to do, or because your society thinks that it's the best? Have you chosen your job because that is your dream, or because the society thinks that it is a "respectable" one? Have you decided to get married because you found your soul mate, or because the society thinks you have to get married? Have you decided to have a baby because you think that parenthood is the best feeling in the world, or because that's what everyone should do?

Have you ever wanted to wear a short skirt but decided not to because people think you shouldn't? Have you ever felt the need to wear hijab because people think all the respectable girls should? Have you found your soul mate and decided to marry somebody else from a better family, richer or with a better job because that's how it should be? Have you ever hated a singer but decided to like them, because everybody else does? Have you ever decided to have your birthday party in a place because it's THE place, not because it's your favorite? Or even worse...

Have you ever complemented someone on something you hated because you wanted something from them? Have you ever given someone a piece of advice starting with the words "everybody should" when you didn't do that piece of advice yourself? Have you ever known the right thing to do or say but decided not to do it in order to be loved, or to take benefit? Have you ever shared a quote that you don't live by? No?

Ghandi's "be the change you want to see in the world" maybe? Have you done any change in the world? Or even your society? Is there even anything you want to change in the world? Or maybe it's my favorite, "fall seven times, stand up eight" but how many times did you give up on someone or something you loved because it's easier, or because you were worried of what people will think? Don't worry, I'm not accusing you of anything here, because simply I do the same thing.

I love quotes and share them all the time, but I don't live by all of them. I give advice that I might not do. At some point of my life I wanted to be a movie director and decided to forget the idea because my society won't respect me for it. When I first started this blog I wanted to put some Arabic posts, not because I wanted to, but because I wanted my society to like it. I can't count all the times I've been a hypocrite, but luckily my eyes are now open, and I know what should be done.

Take a few minutes of your weekend, every weekend, and think of all the times you've been a hypocrite in the past week. List them, and keep the close to you, make sure you never do them again the following week. Work on controlling your words and actions based on what your morals tell you, not according to what others think, not on what's easier, not on what will make you look cooler, not on what will make you benefit. And always remember, hypocrisy is the father of most of our problems, if we stop it, our world would be a much better place. So start by yourself, and lose it forever. And remember, always let your inner voice and actions say the same thing.


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