Words of the Devil

Yesterday while I wrote this post, I was having an awful discussion with a person I don't know about Salfis. I was against them because of their proposals against all the marital laws and women in general, among other things. And I had no intention of accepting their opinions about these things no matter what. The other person kept telling me how these laws are that of the old regime and that they're awful and everything, then he started to pray that God opens my eyes to the truth of how Salafis are the best people in the world. And I said that this is his own opinion and he's free to think so, but I'm never accepting it. Then I finished my post and the guy read it and started copying my words. At that moment, I felt like the biggest hypocrite in the world; I write something on my blog and tweet it's complete opposite on Twitter, what does that make me?

But then I remembered, this isn't what I wrote about. The laws the Salafis are trying to change are my rights, they're trying to steal my rights from me. Their opinions cause me a serious harm, how can I accept them? How can I be neutral to them? If I do that, THAT would be real hypocrisy. I'm happy to try my best to accept all the voices as long as none of them harm me or anybody else. But if they do, then if I don't oppose them, fight them and do what it takes to stop them, then I'm a true devil.

For more than a year I've been thinking of writing a post about why I hate Islamist politicians, but I always felt that I am too filled with hatred to be able to put my thoughts about them into words that would do them justice. Other times I felt that it's not time to do it, that we should all unite and put our differences aside. But then of course, they proved it over and over that their only aim is their own advantage and nothing more. And now, after that person had spoken to me as if he's the one who knows all about religion and me, a person who's taking the wrong path and needs to be closer to God. And after Islamist politicians have proved, yet again, that they don't even care about anything but themselves. And after I saw people asking why are you "scared" of the Islamist politicians, I feel that now is the time to bring my thoughts about them to the light.

Choosing to mix politics with religion would only mean one thing; if you oppose them you oppose God. That's how they put it, yet it's not the truth. How many teachings of Islam do we have? Why are we supposed to follow a certain teaching all because they chose it for us? What makes them know my religion more than me? Who appointed them as a representative of God on Earth?

What if I don't even want to be religious? What if I only want to be called a Muslim, but do nothing of the teachings? What if I want to live my life as I please as long as it doesn't harm anybody else? And what if I want to be a very religious person and do none of the forbidden? Will I be doing none of it because I want to make God happy, or because I can't even do it because the laws force me not to. And if so, then how am I supposed to be rewarded by God on something that I couldn't even do if I wanted to? You know how they used to tell us that when you're fasting and you see food, your reward increases? That's the point.

Our religion has come to Earth with a very important to rule; your relationship with God is one-to-one. Meaning that you don't have to have another person in between you and God to tell you what to do and what not to do. If you decide to do the right thing, you'll be rewarded. If someone chooses it for you, it's pointless. If you choose to do the forbidden, it's you and only you who's going to suffer. If someone forces you to not do it, again it's pointless.

I don't want my Egypt to be the Islamist Republic of Egypt and be exactly like Saudi; religious only from the outside and probably has the highest rates of watching porn in the world (of course you wouldn't find it in any of the lists because Saudis would have to change their IP addresses to watch porn, and even to watch a simple sitcom for that matter!).  That's exactly what happens when you try to force something, when you allow nothing. I know that you might be thinking about how Egypt too has very high rates of porn viewers, but wouldn't it be better to fix the problem rather than prohibit them?

I won't even go into how some fanatic Islamists might treat women as one of their possessions and have men control their lives. I won't go into this not because it doesn't happen, not because these people (that are just like the Salafis trying to steal our laws) are not powerful enough. I also won't go into how fascist our Islamists are, even though they are. Or how much they don't mind playing all their political dirty games in the name of Islam. And I won't go into how I feel that these people are a disgrace to my religion and how they damage its peaceful, civilized, respectable image to everyone. I just won't go into all this not because I don't believe it and see it everyday, but because I want this post to be about Islamist politicians or any religious politicians all over the world.

One last thing, I'm not scared of them. We made a revolution that they took over, soon enough this revolution will overthrow them too. I'm a true Muslim and I know God is justice, and these people are not just. It's easy to know who will win in the end, no matter how far this end is.

** I feel obliged to put the conversation I referred to above here to do justice to the guy.

  • So since the damn Salafis are trying to mess up all the marriage laws, here's my say about marriage! Why Marry?

  • ‎‏ كنت فين لما كان مؤتمر السكان فى 96 وقراراته اطلعى عليها وتعرفى ان القانون هذا احد القرارات ومين سلبك حقك فى اسقاط هذا القانون

  • وانا متزوج وعندى أختى يعنى امرأتين لم يقولوا بقولك ان اسقاط القانون سلب لحقوقهم واللعنه على السلفين والكلام اللي بتقوليه

  • يا سيدي ربنا يخليلك مراتك و أختك، و أنا قلتلك لازم يقولو زيي؟ براحتهم، و أنا براحتي و هفضل اشتم في السلفيين و أدافع عن حقي =)

  • ربنا يهديكى ويهدينا ويريكى الحق حقا ويرزقكى اتباعه والباطل باظلا ويرزقكى اجتنابه وترتقى باسلوبك وتختاري احسن الكام اللهم أمين

  • يا ريت الدعوة تبقى يورينا. الله أعلم بردو أنا ولا إنت الصح =)

  • If we think about the different opinions as much as we oppose them, we might discover that the different opinions are closer than we think. If we took the time to see what we have in common rather than our differences, we might discover that we think alike a lot more than we think. But the fight goes on and on with voices trying to force their opinions as the only truth, and kill all the other voices which they say are wrong. Start with yourself, take the time to listen to the different voices within you, see what they have in common and let the greater voice decide for you which choice is the righteous in that certain situation. Start with yourself, and cross your inner dilemma

  • why are you copying my words? I wrote them, so I know them =). Did you also see the part about an opinion not harming others?

  • هذا بعض ما كتبتيه هل الصوت العالى وبذاءه اللسان تفضى إلى حل ونتيجه

  • بذاءة لسان؟ هو أنا شتمتك؟ طلعلي كلمة واحدة أنا قلتها غلط ليك من فضلك.وبردو أحب أوضح إن الاراء البتكلم عنها مافيهاش ضرر لأي طرف

  • مش السلفين اللى بتلعنيهم هم من حلوا مشكله الطالبين المفصولين وصعد الامر للجنه التعليم فى مجلس الشعب  

  • حضرتك ما ردتش على سؤالي ولأ مش هما الحلو مشكلة الطلبة، الاعتصام الحل ومن أول يوم نواب غير سلفيين قدمو طلبات إحاطة


  1. مره واحد نصحني اني ابطل اتكلم مع الناس دول, بس للاسف يوميا بيتفرض عليا نقاشات وجدل لا ينتهي,حتى في ناس بحس ان فيهم امل وبنبتدي نتفق ولكن بعد كلام كتير ممكن تلقيه يصدمك بمعتقد عنده ببقي خايف اصرحه بوجهه نظري لاخسره خالص , ده نتيجه طبيعيه لان الناس حافظه مش فاهمه


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