The Fight

So many voices all saying different things, all saying that they're right, saying that they're the only righteous voice, that everybody else is wrong. All wanting the other voices to say what they're saying and nothing else. We, the residents of this world, always believe in binary views, but are right and wrong binary? If your mom bought a new dress, a very ugly dress, and she asks about your opinion, what would you say? What if your mom has just come out of an awful depression? Would you tell her your true opinion and hurt her feelings when she's just gotten out of the depression? Or would you choose to lie and make her an extra bit happier? Knowing that this one simple "compliment" is completely selfless, and would not hurt anyone, what would you choose to do? Which solution is completely right and which is completely wrong?

The voices are everywhere, starting from within you, to family voices, to cultural voices, to ideological voices, to voices of different countries. What if you love a person with all your heart and you know that you wouldn't find happiness without sharing your life with them? But what if there is another person, whom you don't love, but you know would fit your lifestyle and your world more than anyone else? Which would be the right choice, choosing the one you love most, or the one who fits you best? What if you decided to adopt a baby, to give the best life you can, to care for as if they're yours, to give the best education, etc? But what if you know that when they grow up, they'll live in an awful culture that would never treat them the way they treat your own children? What if you know for sure that they'll be discriminated against, won't find a respectable job, or a spouse, and of course would never be able to go live along with their fellow orphans in that "far away place"? Which choice is right and which is wrong? What if you meet a beggar in the street, do you give them money because they're poor and can't even find money to buy food? Or do you ignore them so they'd stop depending on the society and go find a job? But what if you know that finding a job is almost impossible in your society? Which choice is right and which is wrong?

None of us hold the truth, in fact, life is a journey to seek the truth. During that journey, we build different opinions that are not all necessarily wrong and not all necessarily right. We fail to accept that two opinions might be both right. And I won't even go to where we never accept that we can be wrong sometimes too! If we think about the different opinions as much as we oppose them, we might discover that they are closer than we think. If we took the time to see what we have in common rather than our differences, we might discover that we think alike a lot more than we think.  But the fight goes on and on with voices trying to force their opinions as the only truth and kill all the other voices which they say are wrong. Start with yourself, take the time to listen to the different voices within you, see what they have in common and let the greater voice decide for you which choice is the righteous in that certain situation. Start with yourself, and cross your inner dilemma...

When you do that with yourself, you'll be able to do it with the society. Accept that there might be different routes that lead to the same truth. That not everyone think alike, even if they all care about the same thing. Have dialogues, not discussions, talk to people in order to help each other find the truth, not in order to force your opinion or to oppose theirs. Have a dialogue to find a route, or many routes to true values. Don't waste your time on discussions trying to force people to do things, or telling them how stupid they are because they think this way. Many times will discussions get you nowhere and turn into fights, whereas dialogues will always help you, both of you, refine your opinions and bring them closer to truth.

* This post in itself is an opinion that you might not agree to, and I'm ready to happily accept that. But I'm human, and I won't do this all the time either...


  1. Great post :-)
    "الارض لنا وانت اخي لماذا اذن تخاصمني" فيروز

  2. Thanks :), and thanks for sharing this wonderful quote :))


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