Love Aphorisms

  1. True love is not blind. It sharpens your vision, but teaches you to accept.
  2. True love gives you power, it doesn't weaken you.
  3. True love keeps you at peace, it doesn't suck the life out of your soul.
  4. True love is about sharing, not how much you take.
  5. True love makes you an artist, it doesn't steal your creative eye.
  6. True love has a charm, it isn't just two people who enjoy each other's company
  7. True love brings music to your ears, not the sound of anger
  8. True love sets you free, it doesn't imprison you.
  9. True love lifts you high above the ground, it doesn't let you live underground
  10. True love colors your world, it's not either black or white
  11. True love leaves you happy to give, not counting all the times you've sacrificed
  12. True love makes the air you breathe smell sweeter, it doesn't suck the breath out of you
  13. True love is not always pink, but it always finds a way back to pink, no matter how many colors you go through
  14. True love draws a permanent smile on your face, no matter what it is you go through
  15. True love makes you feel special, not just another person in the world.
  16. True love is selfless, not selfish
  17. True is hard to find, but it's worth the fight.
  18. True love is infinite, there's enough of it for everyone.
  19. True love "survives death into eternity".
  20. True love simply turns your normal life into a fairytale.


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