I don't know if the news about a court rule banning porn websites is true, but this will eventually happen someday pretty soon seeing who rules right now! You'd think this is not important, but it is! This of course is a step in banning lots of other things; Naguib Mahfouz's Literature, political websites, religious websites that say an opinion that is different from the one the rulers say, maybe even chatrooms or social networks if it goes that far. But although this is a disaster that shouldn't be happening under any circumstance, and will definitely solve NOTHING, this is not what this post is about. So what happens if they ban porn websites? Will the horny boys stop being horny? NO! They'll either open the damn websites using proxy servers, or go find more girls to sexually harass, or even rape in the street for that matter!

So who loses from that law? Women, it's always women.... I'm so sick and tired of living in this very "only for men" society. Tired of being treated differently just because God has created me a female. Tired of men interpreting religion in whatever way that makes them in control, when they know that our Prophet was never in his life against women. They go ahead and interpret, and the rest follow to have more control. This has become unbearable, God has not taken the time to create me for some man's pleasures, not even for some other person to treat me as a property he owns. I'm angry and furious and ashamed of every single man who thinks that way. If you're a man and you think that way and you're reading these words right now, then please know that I disrespect you. I'm not a feminist, and luckily for me I come from a family and community that respect females and treats them equally. Yet I know that it's my duty to write this post, because I am a victim of this segregation in so many ways, although not all of them. So here are some questions that will remain unanswered unless WE fight these stupid thoughts and change them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against men at all. I'm against men AND women who are trying their best to take control of me.

  • Why do we have to be treated as second class citizens all the time, although we're 50% of the society?
  • Why do I have to worry about what to wear and what not to wear because I'm worried about horny boys checking me out?
  • Why do I have to think ten times before going anywhere alone, or even with a male, because I might be sexually or verbally harassed?
  • Why should someone else tell me what to do and what not to do because they think that this is better for me? Why should anybody else know better?
  • Why should I worry about men protecting me wherever I go, because I'm... weak?
  • Why should the only few laws that protect my few rights be taken from me? And how am I supposed to know that and stay silent?
  • Why should the whole society give me a look of a whore just because I decided to not get married to a useless person who's good at nothing but controlling me?
  • Why should a girl who went to fight for YOUR right, that had to stay in the street for you to stay at home under your blankie, and got stripped out of her clothes by a soldier, be treated as a prostitute? Why should anyone ask why she was there, when they know that she had to go through all this because you were sleeping at home?
  • Why is a girl's virginity anyone's business? Why should you be allowed to check on her virginity?
  • Why should a person allow or not allow me to work, travel, or even go out?
  • Why do you look differently to a divorced man and a divorced woman?
  • Why do men who smoke are treated as normal people, but women who smoke are thought of as not... well bred?
  • Why are men allowed to stay out late, but women must be home by ten?
  • Why do the Ultras of young boys, of the revolution's generations not allow girls to smoke at their sit-in, but allow boys? Why must all girls leave their sit-in at 9:00 or 10:00 at night? Because otherwise they wouldn't look...good?
  • Why are boys allowed to use all the swearwords they please, but girls who use them are way more...dirty?
  • Why can't women be judges?
  • Why should women not even think of being presidents because they should know their....size in society? 
  • Why should Some women do everything, EVERYTHING, cook, breed, work, help the kids with the homework, and have their useless husbands do nothing and take their money to even buy drugs, and maybe hit them and the society would still blame her if she gets a divorce?
  • Why should anyone change the marital laws because they allow women to divorce themselves because that's their wish? Why must they stay in a marriage that they're better off without because they're women?
  • Why why why???


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