1. The Golden Age is always ages ago.

  1. It's up to you, to live the miracle we call life, or to live your life waiting for a miracle.

  1. You don't have to be royalty to be your lover's princess/prince.

  1. When hope dies, and you feel that the walls are closing in on you, only faith will get you through.

  1. Lose all the painful memories, but treasure the lessons learned from them.

  1. Love is infinite energy, it's the greatest power. It gives you wings, it sets you free.

  1. Life is what you make, time is how you share, courage is having faith, happiness is believing in you, peace is being in love.

  1. It's up to you, to live a life full of unforgettable moments, or to live your life trying to forget just one moment.
  2. It's up to you, to see the filled half of the cup, or to live your life complaining about the empty half.
  3. If we spend as much time on trying to fix things as we do on complaining the world would be a much better place.

  1. The answer to every question lies within you, you just need to dig deep enough to find it.

  1. If you walk looking to the ground, eventually you'll feel dizzy and fall. If you walk looking to the sky you'll miss a step and eventually fall. Same thing with life. Always look ahead.

  1. All the good in the world can start with drawing a smile on someone's face.

  1. The sun lights up the world, so does love with people.

  1. Forgiveness is good for your health.

  1. Generosity will make you fly.

  1. Trust in yourself, nobody knows you better.

  1. Remember, no one was created to live a miserable life. We're the ones who choose misery over happiness.

  1. We all dream, but only the persistent will dare to follow their dreams, and only them deserve success.

  1. Pink is the redness of love and whiteness of purity.

  1. I can only see the red part of the flag, but I know white will follow.

** Would be appreciated if you can tell me your favorites =)


  1. My Favorites:
    4, 3, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19

  2. all of them are nice, i just read a good one it said:
    " we are crazies if we can't think, we are fanatics if we don't want to think, and we are slaves if we do not dare to think"

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing


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