Here's a Gift Especially to the MB =)

So since I'm sick today and can't think straight, here are some videos that I used to listen to before the revolution and they matched so much with everything happening around us. Unfortunately, they still do. So here are some dedications to some people. It's as if these songs were made especially for those people =).
  • That's a very very special gift to the very very special Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis =). It's like Salah Jahin has written it especially for them. And Kamal El Taweel has chosen this very sarcastic music especially for them. Soad Hosny? Well, the way she acts with both her body and voice says it all. If you haven't, watch Shafe'efa w Metwally, it's a very very good movie, timeless.

  • This one is dedicated to حزب الكنبة with them watching everything happening to their country and deciding to hide in the comfort of their sofas, please wake up. Your country needs you. This song said it all before the revolution, and I thought that whenever I listened to it afterwards it would be just a memory of the oppressive regime we overthrew. But, that's life...

  • To the very pessimistic people who think that way... (this song was released three days before January 25, 2011)

  • I would also like to remind you that this song was released less than two months after. Why? Because we wanted to =).

  • And if you decide that there's no hope, and that you must leave, that there's no place for you here. Then I'd like to remind you that, here, is the only place where you belong. If you leave, this is how you're going to feel (although this one is pretty new of course).

  • And this one is for our dear dear useless government and most of our useless members of both houses of the parliament. The original is by El Sheikh Imam and Fouad Negm.

  • And last, but definitely definitely not least, this is dedicated to the revolutionaries who never ever give up, no matter how bad things are. WE are the ones who can turn dreams to reality. Never ever ever give up =).


  • I couldn't find a song fit for the SCAF, but then I remembered the Ultras, and I don't think nothing fits the SCAF better than their songs =). So here's to the SCAF. (I know it's way better when it's sung in a protest or a match by thousands, but I wanted you to focus on the lyrics, so that's the CD version)


  1. eventhought i didnt complete reading as I'm at work .. I just wanted to tell you " alf aalama 3aleky" :)


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