The Legend of Osiris, Part Two

After Isis takes Osiris's body and goes back to Egypt. She opens the chest and weeps over it, joined by her good sister (who's also Seth's wife) Nephthys. They turn into kites (the birds) and fly over the body. With their magic, they bring Osiris back to life. They hide Osiris, then Isis (who gave birth to Horus on an island on her way to Byblos and hid him there) goes to bring her son back. Isis brings back Horus, who was born to be a worrier and returns to Osiris. With the teachings of both Osiris and Isis, Horus becomes as fluent as his mother and as loved his father. They prepare him to fight the great war against Seth, the fake king.

Soon enough, Seth finds the body of the resurrected Osiris in its hidden place after a lot of searching. He cuts his body into 14 pieces* and throws each piece in a different part of The Nile. Isis starts her mourning all over again, builds a ship of papyrus, takes her son, and goes in search of her husband's 14 pieces. The fierce Nile crocodile know that the pieces are that of the true king, and that the papyrus ship carries the queen of light and never touch them both. Isis collects the pieces of her husband, and whenever she finds a piece a temple is built for the great king in that place. This explains why we have so many temples for Osiris.

After they've found all the pieces, Isis, Nephthys and Horus put the pieces together. But before they can bring him back to life, they discover that his genital organs are missing, and they're never able to find them. For that reason, Isis had to construct a model for them. Horus, whose sharp sight and swiftness are like that of a hawk, knows that now is the time to fight Seth. So with the help of his cousin, Anubis (a god of wisdom and will) he fights the fake king, Seth.

At first, Horus wins the battle, then Seth, then Horus again. And it's been said that the battle between Horus and Seth is still ongoing until our present day. But someday Horus will kill Seth, and on that day, Osiris will become king again. Only then will the world ruled by good again. But where is the battlefield? This, I'll tell you in the next post.

To be continued...

* Since this legend has never been written completely once except after the Greeks entered Egypt, there are many collected versions of it that are not all the same. But in all versions of the myth, the number of pieces of Osiris's body are a divisible by seven, why? Because seven is a sacred number, in all cultures and religions, think about it...


  1. I expect that the forever fight will be in "the island" like the one the Lost series


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