Be Happy!

I've been facing too many problems lately, nothing too serious, but I have been feeling like my world is falling apart. Everything had problems, small ones yes, but too many and too annoying. Annoying enough to depress me and make me feel pretty negative. So I got depressed, and became a very negative person, always saying that I can't do anything, that it's too much, that life was a lot better a few months ago, that I want life to go back to the way it was, etc. I just kept talking and talking, complaining my life away and did absolutely nothing.

I was wrong, totally wrong, depression got me nowhere, it did nothing except  made matters worse. Negativity made me not want to do any effort to fix things. The only thing I got from feeling this way is insomnia and loss of appetite. But then I've decided that it's time to fix things, and I did fix them, while being happy. Here's what I've done, it's been tried and it works, so if you have problems give these steps a try ;).

  1. Admit that you have a problem: first step is to admit that that thing that happened really is a problem that needs to be fixed. List your problems and make sure your mind totally believe that these are your problems.
  2. Think of a way to fix things: just a broad idea of what could be done to make things better. If it's a family problem then you might need to talk the family member for example. If you failed a test then you need to decide how are you going to pass, etc.
  3. Talk to someone: you always need to talk to someone, a friend, a lover, a family member, or even someone you don't really know, you just need to let the words out. When you do, first you prove to yourself that you believe that you have problems that need to be solved. Second you'll have someone to comfort you and tell you that things are going to be OK.
  4. Seek help: Of course if it's a big problem then you might need someone else's help. Don't be embarrassed, we all need help sometimes, admit you need it and find it.
  5. Ask for God's help: God always supports us during our hardest of times, we'd feel that support if we open up to him. We can also ask God for help, we can ask God to light our ways, to show us the right path, to help us find the right words, to bring peace to our hearts.
  6. Make a plan: put a complete detailed plan on how to fix things, include every single detail. Put a plan for all possible situations/reactions.
  7. Do your homework: Ask around about things if you need, ask someone who went through the same thing. Plan a talk, plan how you're going to make someone agree to something. Think of the right words to make someone forgive you.
  8. Have a plan B: your plan might not always work, so have a plan B ready.
  9. React: activate your plan, don't be to scared to do it, believe in yourself, in your power.
  10. Fight the depression, keep smiling and never ever ever give up, even if you fail at first =).


  1. kol 3am anti bekhir
    and depression free

  2. 11) لا تبكى على اللبن المسكوب ;)
    ومتتغناش بالماضى زى ما المصريين بيتغنوا بالاهرامات


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