It's just you and me...... Waves kiss the beach then run back to the wide ocean. People laugh and chat, sunkissed kids run and scream. Tanned hands of all sizes build sand castles. But it's just you and me. The sweet breeze runs through my hair, it flies everywhere. It tickles your cheek and we both laugh. The world is running around us, but we're standing still. I only see you, you only see me, and it's just you and me. Water touches our bare feet and washes away the sand, we both smile. The sound of music gets our ears, our favorite song is being played. Or is it only in our hearts? It's just you and me and we dance to it. The sun shines for us, it gets my eyes, but then a cloud spreads the light around us, just you and me. You hold my hand, I hold yours, they fit perfectly together, just like you and me. The smell of the beach flies into our nostrils and reminds us of where we are. You pick a shell, hold my hand to your lips then hand it to me. We always said that a gift is all about the story behind it. And it's just you and me who know the story. I forever hold on to your precious gift.

It's early morning, the smell of coffee fills our nostrils, and it's just you and me. I hold our shell close to my ear and hear the beach, where it was just you and me. I can see us dancing on the beach as this beautiful memory is played in our minds, when it was just you and me. After all these years it still feels like yesterday. Our baby boy is graduating today, he's done a good job, so did we. He'll leave us today, and it will be just you and me.


  1. Thank you for making my day. I have just been sunkissed too =D. It's Viral !!


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