An Inner Revolution

I don't know why, but I thought that on the day after resignation I'd see different Egyptians just like I saw a Mubarak-free Egypt. Maybe because of the neighborhood committees, because I saw with my own eyes men and a few women of all ages coordinating together to guard their neighborhood. Because I saw my neighbors, security guards, doormen, parking guards all sitting together equally as if they were all friends. Because I saw everyone doing their best to guard their neighborhood. Because I heard the mosque asking the neighbors to turn on their balcony lights, and saw all flats turning their lights. Because I saw cups and plates of tea and cake going down from all flats as a sign of appreciation and support. Because I felt that I was in safe hands, because I have never felt safer than with my neighbors protecting me.  

Maybe because when I went to Tahrir, this sacred place, I saw another Egypt, I saw different Egyptians, yet they're the same people I used to see, and maybe hate, everyday in places other than Tahrir. Maybe because Tahrir was the only place where I walked without worrying about hearing cursing, being harassed, or being pick pocketed. Maybe because no matter how crowded it was people made way to each other, they tried their best to be organized without having to.  

Maybe because when I went out on February 13 I saw people looking completely different, looking free. Maybe because of the photo of the queue for the bus that we all saw online. Maybe because of the queue at the public bread store I saw with my own eyes. The one I passed by everyday before the revolution and always saw a crowd of people fighting each other in the "bread queue". Maybe because when two cars almost hit each other they both went out apologized and left instead of fighting and shouting and cursing. Maybe because on referendum day I saw the same people I see everyday being very civilized, very positive, even very happy. Maybe because I'm a very optimistic person I thought people would change too.  

I wasn't imagining things though, people have really changed in the process of revolting. But things changed with the revolution changing. In the very first days we have witnessed the best days of our lives we were optimistic, we were positive. We thought that our lives will change in a blink of an eye to the better. Those who are financially incapable of living a humane life thought that they will have more money in a few weeks. Those who fought for dignity thought they will never be insulted again. Those who wanted jobs thought they'd be employed the next day. The hope for a better life made people change their ways, just the thought of them living a humane life made them treat each other as humans. Just the thought of being free made us respect each other. But then things changed....  

With the fading hope, with the decreasing positivity, died respect and discipline. But the way I saw our society a few days after resignation gave me hope. It has made me believe that once we're respected by our government we will change to the better very quickly. These days were enough proof for me that people have to live an acceptable life in order to give and get an acceptable treatment. The past 30 years brought out the worst in us, and the first 18 days of the revolution brought the best in us, and once we reach that point, when we see our country, and us, getting better we'll be better people again....

Imagine what it would be like if we all cared, if we all did our work the way it's supposed to be done. Imagine if everyone knew their duties. Imagine if we were all reliable. Imagine if you only had to do your work and not other people's. Imagine if everything done, was done with love. Not necessarily love for the job, maybe love for your country, maybe love of success, maybe love for your family. Imagine how good we can make it. Soon, all this won't need to be imagined, because soon after we start on the path of improving, this dream will be reality. That is if.... we don't give up.....


  1. hey
    this is my first comment here
    you organize thoughts in a nice way and i really liked this sentence :

    The past 30 years brought out the worst in us, and the first 18 days of the revolution brought the best in us

    best regards


    عذبُ الكلام


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