I'm haunted by your ghost, it won't leave me alone. For many years you've brought the worst of me, you've shown my awful face. You've made me forget all the good in me, you've made the people I love hate me. You've made me hate myslef.  You've taken me to live in a nightmare, and told me that life is at its best. You've made everyone give up on me. You've brainwashed them, you've brainwashed me. But deep inside of me, I never really believed you, but what am I to do? What was I to do when it was only me who didn't want to give up on life. What was I to do when I was the only one who still believed?

But things changed, and they decided not to give up on me, they decided to believe. And after all that happened you still won't leave me alone, you've sent me all your demons. They're still haunting me. They still want to take over my soul. You won't give up, will you? Whatever you do, it's a war now, it's us against you. Whatever you do, we will win this war. I'm not weak anymore, you won't be able to take over me anymore. I have their love and support now. I have their power and faith. I have them with me. And you? You have no one but your demons who keep giving up on you as you fall, and I rise. I will always rise. With them I'll always rise.

Signature: Egypt


  1. The Voice of Egypt, I will rise again:

  2. Every single thing is associated with a song/movie in my head =D


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