Let it Rain

The sound of rain outside is so soothing. I have this thing for the rain. Its sound comforts me. Its smell makes me smile. Its sight makes want to leave whatever it is that I'm doing and go get soaked. Since the day I arrived here, one week ago, it's been raining non stop, and I have never, for one second, wanted it to stop. I've loved every drop of it, and forever will.

People walk in the streets, ignoring the rain. Some carry umbrellas, other run so they don't get wet. The streets are silent no one is shouting, no car horns, no street vendors, no street fights, just the sound of rain. It's so different here.

I leave this dark room and go down to the quite street. I leave my umbrella at home. The minute I'm in the street I'm completely soaked that I can't even see clearly, but I'm laughing, laughing hysterically. I start running. I'm out of control, I can't stop running or laughing, I don't know where I'm going. I don't see where I'm going, it's like I'm on auto pilot. Then I finally stop, I don't know where I am. I can hear a sound a loud sound, is it music? I can see shadows, what are these people doing? I take a few minutes to breathe, then I wipe my eyes. They're dancing, and that sound, it's not music, it's laughter. They're people enjoying the rain. They're appreciating life. I join them.

I dance to tunes of laughter of all frequencies. I dance among people of all ages, of all kinds. I feel like I'm flying, I have never been this happy, I have never felt that free. I don't know anyone here, but it's like we've been best friends forever. We dance together, we laugh together until the break of dawn. It was one happy night, one happy dream, all because it rained.


  1. Yea, it's the love of my life =D =D

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  3. after rainy night i woke up ,took a deep breath , smell the air mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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