September 30 in Tahrir

I have started my past couple of posts about Tahrir with these words: "the revolution is back". I won't do so this time though, because the revolution has never left us, it has always stayed in our hearts, and always will. Today I became sure that this generation of ours will never accept that somebody steals our revolution. I became sure that no matter what happens, there's noway we're giving up on Egypt. The way we chanted today at the top of our lungs made me sure that we'll always be there, that we'll always be stronger. The way "el sha3b yoreed esqat el mosheer" (the people demand overthrowing the field marshal) moved the square reminded of January days. I'm now sure that no one can stop this revolution from winning.

The numbers weren't that much at first, but since the minute I set foot there the numbers kept increasing. Every few minutes the stage announced the arrival of another rally. As the sun went down, numbers have really increased. I can't really give a number, but here's how I thought of it. I compared the numbers today to the million man march the day after Wael Ghonim was freed (that is the biggest one I have witnessed, I was at the presidential palace on February 11). It was said that there was at least two million souls in the square on that day, but I'll assume they were just one million. If today the numbers were one tenth of those who were there on that day (and they're possibly more) we would be 100,000, which is definitely good.

It was completely peaceful; liberals were there, leftists were there, Salafis were there (no MB though), Ultras were there, No Military Trials for Civilians were there, 6 April (my heroes) were there. Egyptians were simply there. The chants were against the SCAF and Tantawy, some of them were even the same chants we chanted against Mubarak. One thing that has really touched my heart was an old lady that came on stage and chanted against SCAF, after she finished one of the boys standing on the stage showed us that she was holding a stick, thanked her and kissed her on the forehead. 

Today really wasn't any different from all the Successful Friday protests. It was not only Tahrir, there were protests all over Egypt. There are some plans for a sit-in, but if the numbers aren't big enough, I don't think it's going to be a good idea. I believe that from today on, there will be a protest every Friday until the SCAF decides to listen. But just like last protest, the day might end in misery. There's a rally on its way from Tahrir to the ministry of defense as I write this. And there is another one going from Roxy. I don't see any reason to fall for the same trap that we fall for every time! I just hope today ends peacefully.....


  1. SCAF is stupid enough to ignore Friday protests, if it is turned to be a routine this may be make it lose its effect, this make me desperate of what we are doing and try to think in other way to send the message
    may be scaf can't understand except his language
    which is not peaceful


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