On his Birthday

She opens her eyes and instantly smiles. The sun is shining today more than any other day. It shines only for her, just like that day every year. It's his birthday, the day her gift was born, just a few years before she was. Maybe today she'll be able to prove how much she loves him, maybe today he'll know and love her too. She called him last night at 12:00, she wanted to be the first to wish him a happy birthday. He never picked up, and she tried to convince herself that he's asleep. At 12:00, on his birthday.

It's 7:00 in the morning, she jumps out of bed. She knows what to do, but she doesn't know if he's going to understand. He never did. She's known him for so many years, and has always loved him, she has always believed in him. She always knew that he's the one she wants to spend her life with, but he didn't. She always said that someday he'll understand, that someday he'll see the good in her and love her too. Someday he'll know that she's his soul mate, that they're meant to be together.

She gets the gift she bought him, puts the card inside then leaves the house. The card, the card that has all her feelings written in the best way she could ever write. The card that will make him understand how much she's in love with him. That she's willing to give him her whole life. That she'd go to the moon with him, that she'd give up on anything to be with him. That she'd do anything to make him happy.

She waits in front of his house with her gift. She's going to catch him before he goes to work. She's going to give him the gift then leave. She won't wait until he opens it or read the card. Later, he's going to call her, he's going to understand and call her, she feels he will. He comes down, she gets ready to go give him the gift, but he's smiling, smiling at someone, not her. He gets into a car, a girl is waiting for him inside. They drive away. She gets in her car and finds herself following them. The girl drives him to work. He kisses her hands before he leaves. And she.... She takes her gift and leaves.....


  1. ROFL ... Sorry I couldn't help laughing.

    although this is Sad, it's still funny.

  2. Funny if it doesn't happen to any of us :D

  3. Even if ... We'll be sad for a while and then things will look funny(Of Course someone else will help us see that way ;)).

  4. Can't say I Know :D hope this never happens to me or anyone else :)


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