Something to Learn

This story happened to someone I know. It's a sad story, but one with something to learn, so read on...

There is a guy who's doing his post graduate studies abroad. He decides to get married and seeing that he only comes on short vacations he decides that an arranged marriage would be the easiest for him, and so he tells his family to find him a bride. There is a girl who reached the "marrying age", her family tries to find her a groom. There's a woman who knows relatives of both the guy and the girl, I know the woman.

The woman decides to set a meeting for both families and they both welcome the idea. They all meet, and the woman goes too. After the meeting, the woman says they really liked each other, they talked as if they've known each other their whole lives and they're almost engaged. The next day she calls the girl's relative, who wasn't in the meeting and tells her how good it was. The relative in turn calls the girl's mother celebrating and congratulating.

The woman waits for the guy's relative to call, but she doesn't, so she decides to call her. The relative says that everything went fine in the meeting, but then the guy prayed an "estkhara" and it didn't work out, so he decided to call things off before they even started. The woman gets really embarrassed and doesn't know what to do after she called the girl's family. Just a few hours after her first call, she calls the girl's relative and tells her what the guy said. I'm sure you can imagine how the girl felt.

Months later, the guy finds himself a bride and gets married. Eight months later, they're on a vacation in the North Coast. They go for a swim, the guy drowns and dies and his wife gets out safely.

Moral of the story: God knows best. The woman's first reaction was to say that the guy is lying about the 'estekhara', but then she remembered how everything looked good the night before. It turned out that the guy wasn't wrong about the estekhara after all. But it wasn't sent for him, it was sent for the girl, God wanted to save her from endless misery. God always sends us messages, sometimes directly to us, sometimes through people, we just need to listen, we just need to believe. I don't even know if the girl knew about this accident, but even if she doesn't, she must believe. Every little thing done, every human being met, every simple word said has a lesson to learn behind it. So just open up your heart and mind and remember that everything happens for a reason.


  1. Thanks for sharing this :(
    It's extremely helpful. Now a lot of things should be reconsidered.

  2. Yes, I actually learned so much from this. You're most welcome =)


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