The Revolution is Back

And again, our revolution is back, and is as strong as it has always been. Today was a lot more than I expected. SCAF, as they have always done, tried to scare people, but the turnout was a lot more than I expected. I can't say that we reached a million at some point of time in Tahrir, but there were always rallies moving in and out of Tahrir, so I think the number of people who protested today in the streets of Cairo might have reached a million.

Both Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights were the superstars of today's protest. They were loud and strong, chanting at the top of their lungs in huge numbers. They weren't only there for their friends who were arrested a few days ago. They chanted for the country, for freedom, they sang their Tahrir songs. They went to the ministry of interior a few times, chanted and sang the worst of swearwords that can be imagined. They even drew graffiti of all the cursing on the wall. I can't say I enjoyed the cursing, but after all, it's not about what I like or hate, the way they talk defines them and they won't change and it's not up to anyone to say what they should or should not do. I loved their presence though, they were full of energy, chanting, jumping, clapping, shouting, singing, dancing, they looked very powerful. I loved seeing flags of both Ahly and Zamalek held together along with the Egyptian flag. There were even flags of Suez and Palestine in the Ultras' rally. I loved seeing both Ultras, who are always enemies, united together for the same demands. They were very very well organized.
There were many chants, and only one stage for most of the day. Rallies came from many mosques, churches and squares from all over Cairo. Others went out of the square to the cabinet building, to the supreme judicial council, to Maspiro, ministry of interior and later to the Israeli Embassy. Street vendors were there, people from all walks of life were revolting together, just like the good old days. There were many stickers against military trials for civilians handed out for free. Things were very organized and civilized without any organization, there weren't even any searching or ID checking at the gates. 

As the sun went down, it started to turn into a carnival a bit.  I left the same time a rally left to the supreme judicial council was leaving.  Then I decided to go there, the numbers were very good, everyone's spirit was very high, just like Tahrir. People climbed the gate and sat there chanting. People came out of the balconies with flags and waved at us, then they kept throwing us bottles of water. The way they supported us reminded me of the days before resignation when were all united and people still loved us, and believed in us. I think it's all coming back. Central security guards came from inside, and we all chanted "eldakhleya baltageya". When they saw our numbers and theirs, they left. Some judges came out to look at us and looked worried, Zend's friends probably. We chanted against El Zend and for a free judicial system. Then I left, later after the meeting ended the rally went back to Tahrir.

I didn't see a lot of people I know, but everyone looked familiar. I couldn't have known all those people, but somehow everyone looked the same. Everyone had a huge smile on their faces, everyone's eyes were full of light, everyone looked free. And I mean everyone, the light skinned, the dark skinned, the bearded, the ones wearing crosses, the veiled, those wearing shorts, the rich, the poor. Everyone looked alike, everyone looked free. Today is an enough proof, that our revolution is alive and still going strong. That we won't give up on what we started. That we can do this, that the power is ours.

Other things happened today, but the above lines have what I saw with my own eyes. Today the wall in front of the Israeli Embassy was brought down by the rebels, then four guys climbed and brought the Israeli flag down from the embassy's balcony and put both the Egyptian and Palestinian flags. Up until this moment no CSF or MP used brutality against those protesting in front of the embassy, but some of the people there are expecting them to any minute now. Some people started throwing rocks at the interior ministry, but people stopped them, and these people had nothing to do with the Ultras. Then a fire started in a building of the ministry. The firefighters were able to bring it down, and it was proved that the fire started from inside the building.  


  1. you should've waited a little bit to include the current events too =) They're enough to weigh out what you wrote so far.

  2. I was very tired and I wouldn't have gone the embassy anyway, I did what I can do =)

  3. I didn't mean that! I meant that you should have waited till the end of the day.. cause it seems that it's not over yet! I meant to tell you that Things are not as good as you wrote :)

  4. Oh,they were as good as I wrote up until 30 minutes ago. So most of the day was good, be optimistic please, it's what keeps us going =)

  5. No way to turn you down, right? Yes most of the day was good and as the people are already filled with anger as a lot of things didnt change so farm yes 2day was a win despite of everything.

    Forgive me my depression, it was the result of anger and fear.

    و ليس من عادة الله ان يبدأ شئ الا وأنهاه ;) This is for me to remember


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