Dear soul mate,

We were in the same place yesterday, walking the same streets, chanting the same words, seeing the same faces. We might have even passed by each other, our eyes might have met, but I haven't seen you and you haven't seen me. It's enough for me to know that we were in the same place, fighting for the same cause, wanting a better Egypt. It's enough for me to know that you are one of the million positive faces who protested together as one yesterday.

I don't know you and you don't know me, we haven't met yet, but we will meet someday, you'll find me and I'll find you, and from that day on we'll go there together, we'll be fighting together. We'll do everything together. Our power will be doubled together. I'll keep searching for you and you'll keep searching for me, and someday soon we'll be together.

My dear, I don't know where you might be today, in another city, in another country. But I know someday you'll know me, you'll love me, you'll want to spend the rest of your life with me. You don't know me today, you never think of me, but someday you'll know that I'm the only one who can make you happy.

My dear, when we do meet it will be endless love, endless friendship, endless support, endless trust. We'll be strong together. We'll understand each other with just one look. Our silence will be as good as our talking. When we do meet, we'll always be together, till death do us part.


  1. Now I know why there are no comments.

  2. When you first read the title and as you continue reading a lot of comments come to your mind. Then when it comes to an end and you start writing the comments, You feel speechless.


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