Shadows in the Sky

Gabe: Look at this couple, they're so in love....

They sit by the lake, hand in hand. She leans towards him and lays her head on his shoulder, they're both silent. He watches the stars twinkling up in the sky. Her hands tickle the water and the stars' reflection glitter in the lake. He stands up and takes her hand, "come with me", he says, she follows him. The moon is only a crescent, but the million stars light up their world.

Gabe: Where is that music coming from?
Ivan: It's the tune being played in their hearts, they're dancing to the same song. It's only them who can hear it, it's only them who understand. Only them, and us, angels.

He holds her close, they dance. They dance to their favorite song, they both know the tune by heart. They never told each other, but they both know they're dancing to the same song. They dance..... They dance beneath the stary sky. Her long off-white dress flies as he twirls her. It's only them, no one else is there. Everyone is asleep, and they're dancing.

Gabe: What's that thing flying?
Ivan: It's their shadows
Gabe: Shadows in the sky?
Ivan: They're so happy, their souls are flying. It's the shadows of their souls

He whispers in her ears, " I love you" she smiles and wraps her arms around his neck. "I love you", she says. They dance beneath the stars..... Their shadows dance among the stars. They dance, then he kisses her.

Gabe: What's that sound?
Ivan: It's the love angels, they're celebrating. Two soul mates have found each other, and from tonight on, they'll forever be together.

Dawn breaks and they both leave, together, as they will always be.

* Inspired by a dream =).


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  2. لا ما هو الكتابات التانيه موجوده برده مش هتختفى هى الاصل و هى الواقعيه ده بس يعنى خيال كتابته مسليه التانى هو المهم. ان شاء الله فى واحده جديده النهار ده :)

  3. حتى كتاباتك المسلية مازالت مميزة

    فى انتظار جديدك ان شاء الله


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