A Storm of a Brain

It's comforting to know that I am not the only one who is in the dilemma of choosing a candidate. It's become so tiresome and annoying, no choice would make my conscience satisfied and I'm in a great need of any kind of comfort.... And those supporters of the six most "popular" candidates make it even worse. They do nothing but oppose each other's opinions, same with those who plan to boycott the elections who never tell where this would lead, they're satisfied by calling us traitors only!

When a normal, pro-revolution person like me thinks of who to vote for it normally turns into who to not vote for! And this only means that no one is good enough... and yes, it is true, and choosing the best of the worst to be president is a nightmare, especially when we don't even have a constitution or a pro-people parliament! But then where would boycotting take us? I have no idea.... or maybe I do; to one of Mubarak's men winning the mess we call elections.

So back to who to not vote for:

  • We have two of Mubarak's men (Moussa and Shafiq) and being pro-revolution these two can't pass my mind.
  • We have a Muslim Brotherhood candidate (Morsy), and not only am I totally against the MB, their plan and their ideologies, but they are also a majority in the parliament (which is already more than enough for me) and they're doing the worst job that could be done at it! Having a president and a parliament for the same party or group or whatever they call themselves is just wrong.
  • We have a leftist human rights lawyer (Ali) who has never worked in politics, or even in managing. He is against me because I am not poor or a worker. And even if I accept all this, I can't accept that he got into the presidential race with a signature from an MP who is also one of Habib El Adly's lawyers. Or that he decided to make a "story of courage and nobility" by supporting Abu Ismaeel's case although he as a lawyer knew very well that Abo Ismaeel was only trying to use a loophole in the law to prove that his mother, who is American, is not American.
  • We have an ex-MB (Abo El Fotooh), who is a man of morals and ethics. He is a person whom I truly respect for saying the truth, even if it's going to make him lose some votes. Again he's an Islamist, and has been so for so many years. He left the MB, but his opinions and ideas are still the same. That's what he himself says, and that's what I respect most about him. He left the MB because he wanted to run for presidency, not because he had opposing ideas. So why should I vote for an Islamist? Yes, I do respect him, but I don't want him to be president. And the talk about him being a moderate Islamist doesn't even make sense to me. He might be a moderate Muslim, and that is not even my business, but when it comes to politics, he 's an Islamist just like any other. I would also like to remind you that who supports a candidate does matter to me. Yes, it's important to have a good number of supporters, but who these supporters are does matter. A person supported by Salafis can't simply believe in a secular country. Same as if you're someone who is loved by thieves, it can't say that you're person of morals, can it? So Abo El Fotooh can have all my love and respect for his morals, but not my vote for an Islamist.
  • Then there's the Nassery (Sabahy), and I wonder what he means by that word. Because yes, Nasser has started a renaissance, a very socialist one, but he's done good things. He also was a dictator, he also didn't mind putting all his opponents in prison, he also didn't care, or even think of, continuity. So why exactly does he love him that much? It says something about him. There also so many rumors about him, but I don't live by rumors, unless they're proven.The most important thing about him though is that his chances of winning are not big, at all. So voting for him might be the same as boycotting. 

So what do I do? What do we all do? Please do tell me if you know! Oh and I almost forgot about the presidential programs that are all almost the same and all say absolutely nothing about how they plan to do things. And I can never forget that not even one candidate have thought of Halayeb, Shalateen and Mount Elba, where people still eat tree leaves! Voting for someone who doesn't deserve my vote would be a nightmare, and boycotting and letting Moussa win is yet another nightmare! What do I do?!


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