The Smell of the Weekend

It is the smell of Friday mornings, of coffee droplets inside the coffee machine, like a soft spring rain. It is the aroma of energy, of fitting a hundred activities in just one day. It is not the same smell of the every morning coffee, not that smell that forces you to wake up to go to school, not the smell of running late. It is a fresher odor, to match the freshest of all mornings. It is a stronger one, for a stronger relationship with the family. It is not too bitter or too sweet, it is odor of perfection for a perfect morning. It is mixed with the smell of homemade pancakes. The smell of home, of a family breakfast, of a laidback day. It is the smell of all the energy put into making it with love. It is the mouthwatering smell of childhood, of honey and strawberry jam, of nature, of maple syrup, of a far away land, of chocolate syrup, of joy and festivity,  of sugar, of simplicity. It is the weekend scent....


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