Presidential Campaigns: Campaign Winners

After going through all the campaigns, I came up with these nicknames which are inspired from the campaigns and nothing else (just for the fun of it =)).
  • Sabahy, the politician next door
  • Abo El Fotooh, the father
  • Ali, the young revolutionary air
  • El Awwa, the teacher
  • Morsy, the nobody
  • Moussa, the bumptious
  • Shafiq, the narcissist
And the winners are.....


Morsy: renaissance... is people's will. It's a magical slogan, with three words that go very well together and explains that the president won't ever have a magic stick to make dreams come true.


Simple and nice, perfect colors, font, smile and with the headlines of the program giving a shot of hope. Simplicity that leads to perfection.


Although Amr Moussa's commercial is much better and probably much more expensive too, he partially ruins it by his snobbish looks and his blurred scenes. Abo El Fotooh's commercial is not as good, but he looks so honest and is not afraid of showing his age in the commercial, so both win.

On the ground

I thought Mohamed Morsy would win this one, but the truth is that Amr Moussa has gone to every single village in the country and his billboards are endless, literally. So he deserves to win this one, especially when he is the eldest and the one who travels most.


Amr Mousaa, oh you know why!


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