My Take on the Debate


I have only seen parts of debates between American candidates but, comparing to these, the team has done a very good job. The debate was very well organized and the anchors did their jobs very well. Yet, it started 15 minutes later than it should have and was very highly commercialized. Also the fact that it started at 9:15 and ended after 2:00 am was very....tiring! There should be some analysis afterwards too done by some experts.

Amr Moussa:

I thought Amr Moussa would have done much better than that, luckily he didn't. Being a diplomatic person, he nearly didn't answer any question clearly. He was very nervous and ill-tempered and was angered very very easily many times. He was also very bumptious and snobbish and looked down (literally) to everyone. He also moved too much and made very stupid gestures. His answers to the anchor's questions were not good, but his questions to Abo El Fotooh got him many times and made him look like an Islamist who's on the very right of Islamists, although he might not be so. His answers to Abo El Fotooh's questions weren't as good most of the times, but he was also able to turn Abo El Fotooh's questions at him at other times. He didn't win any new ground, but with his talk about security and stability, he made his supporters happy.

Abd El Moniem Abo El Fotooh:

Abo El Fotooh was much better than I thought he would be. His answers to most questions were straight and clear. His questions to Amr Moussa were not as strong, he only focused on him being part of the old regime although there were so many things that he could put against Amr Moussa, including his ill temper during the debate. Abo El Fotooh's team didn't do their homework about Amr Moussa as much as they should have done. Abo El Fotooh has proven, yet again, to be a man of morals by being very polite even when Amr Moussa was very very rude and angry. He was the one who went to shake hands with Moussa before and after the debate. He was a lot more calm and relaxed and smiled a lot more. Again, Abo El Fotooh didn't win any new ground, but has done very well for his supporters. His part about El Benaa and Tameya party was disastrous, how come he can forgive someone who killed Egyptians, but not forgive someone from the old regime? Again, some of his answers, very important ones too, were very diplomatic and he almost didn't answer. It was like he only cared about winning Islamists and nothing more.

The Winner

Nobody, as I've said, they made their supporters happy, but the rest probably didn't change their minds.  They both have done equally good and bad.  Being not a supporter of both, the only result I came out with after this debate is that Amr Moussa is a lot more awful than I thought he is. Him winning the elections would be a disaster for me and the revolution. I don't support Abo El Fotooh, at all, but I'd rather have him winning than Amr Moussa by any means.


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