She was forcefully married to him by a father who thought was doing the right thing. He hit her every night, he raped her, he made her work like a slave and stole all her money. She stayed with him and couldn't do anything. He made her pregnant and gave her hormones so she gives birth to twins, triplets and quadruplets and sold many of their kids. She lived with him for 30 years, accepting life the way it was, never thinking of changing it, never thinking she could do anything. But his brutality increased every year, until someday she couldn't handle it any longer but didn't know what to do. Until her younger sister who was going through the same story stood up and fought for a divorce and got one. She knew what to do, she asked him for a divorce, but he laughed hysterically and hit her until she lost consciousness. The next day she woke up knowing that there is no turning back, she will have to have her divorce. She fought and fought and fought and never gave up no matter how violent he was, not matter how much he tried to brainwash her. She believed in what she wanted and she fought for it. She spent 18 days fighting, and in the end, she got her divorce.

She moved in with her brothers who told her that they loved her and will take good care of her. But again, they took her money, treated her badly, sent her sons away and hit her. She spent 15 months with them trying to leave, to be free on her own, but they never let her. But after 30 years of a terrible treatment, she still looked young and beautiful, she was bright and nice, she was active and still knew how to smile. Many men wanted to marry her, but she didn't know how to choose. Only thirteen of them were fit to be the husband, but she still didn't know how to choose. Her brothers pushed one of their friends to her and decided to divide her money among them, she knew that she will never marry this one, she didn't even think about him.  She asked her children to help her with the choice, but they didn't unite on one man. They were divided into three groups among the three best men, each wanting to force her to choose the husband they chose. Each accusing her of not really wanting a better life and is not thinking straight for not choosing the husband they want. It didn't stop here, the children kept accusing the other two men of being as bad as her old husband, or even worse. She had to get rid of all the men, even the best three after her children made her hate them. She was left with her brothers' friend and another who was as bad as her ex-husband and also has the ability to hypnotize. She didn't know what to do, she fell into a great depression and was taken to the hospital. Her mental illness turned into a physical one and she was put in intensive care. She now lies there, waiting for a miracle to change her life. Her children want to help her, but they don't know what to do but to pray for a miracle....


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