I'm Marked in History, I Made History

I'm marked in history as a person who said no in a time when it could take my life. As someone who believed in everybody's right to live a just life. As someone who fought for her belief. As someone who was part of the first real Egyptian revolution. As someone who overthrew a dictator in 18 days. As someone didn't accept failure and fought 19 other dictators. As someone who didn't give up the fight. As someone who didn't, and won't, give up on a dream whose limit is the sky. As someone who will never let the blood of those who died go in vain. As someone who chose to fight all the dirtiness by being always clean. As someone who chose to vote for a greater good rather than only my own benefit. As someone who did her best to keep people believing in the revolution and its candidates. As someone who, even in the elections queue, tried to convince people to not give up on the revolution. As one of the very first Egyptians to vote in a presidential elections, as someone who chose to vote for the best of the available rather than that who has the best chances of winning, as someone who made this day possible. I'm proud of myself.

I'm proud of myself and of every person who made this possible. Whether they're alive or not with us anymore, glory to them. Glory to the martyrs who gave up their lives for us to live. Glory to every person who lost an eye or two for us to see a better future. Glory to every parent who lost their child for our children to have a better life. Glory to every child who became orphaned for orphans to have a better life. Glory to every person who broke all fear walls for us to live with no fear of what tomorrow may bring. Glory to every person who never lost hope for us to live a life that is not hopeless. Glory to those who believed in a truth called dignity for us all to live a dignified life. Glory to those who believed in equality for us to have the equal chance to stand out. Glory to those who believed in freedom for us to be free of slavery. Glory to those who believed in justice for us to live simply as human beings should live. Glory to every single person who made today possible, glory to every person who knows that today is not the end of the fight. Glory to those who will never stop revolting against all the injustice, dirtiness, corruption and fakeness. Glory to every warrior of a truth. Glory to us all.

Today I stood in a very long line for two hours waiting for my turn to vote. I stood among people who were all voting for either Shafiq or Morsy. As depressing as it felt, there was just a tiny light of hope, five other ladies voting for Sabahy. We stood together trying to convince the majority that Shafiq is not a good idea. They were against us, but we were united we tried hard and we wouldn't stop. Revolutionaries might be a minority now, but we're strong and we make our voice heard. I know these elections will probably bring us a disaster, that it might take us back to the days before January 25, 2011. But I also know that no matter how few we are, we will never give up on this country, even if everyone is against us. Because maybe many care only for themselves, but they'll understand soon that this revolution is actually to make their lives better, whether they're poor or rich. Today an old lady mocked me because I'm a revolutionary and didn't let her get in the middle of a line because she's old. I stayed silent because I knew that that's just her personality, she only cares about herself and doesn't have the ability to care about anything else, but soon she'll understand that this revolution that she's mocking is for her to have better medication and better pension. Whatever people may think, whatever these elections may bring, we will never give up, and for that we'll go down in history as the people who made history. Glory to the martyrs, viva la revolucion, long live the free Egypt.


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