Away from all the pain, so far away. Away from dirty streets and dirty souls, away from crowded streets and empty minds. Away from fights over opinions, away from dissing and swearing. Away from interfering, away from the lack of privacy. Away from the lack of morals, away from the lack humanity. Away from dirty rumors away from dirty means. Away from technology, from traffic, from street fights, from shouting, from hatred, from hypocrisy, from lying, from double standards.

So far away in a place where hatred does not exist, where people are as pure as a baby's soul that has not yet been scratched. Where the only sounds are of air, water and music. Where everyone respects each other. A clean place with clean words. A colorful place, that draws colorful memories. A place that only smells of nature away from pollution. A place where love exists. A place of peace and serenity, of comfort. A place where a person can actually enjoy just a few days. A place where showers are to be taken under waterfalls, where fruits are to be picked and eaten from their trees, where one can drink directly from a river. A place out of this world.


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