In this time when we're all stressed out and can't even think straight. At the time when around 43% of us decided to steal our dream and vote for the worst two candidates. At this time I'd rather stay silent and not write a word. I am freaking out more than many because simply Morsy is not an option for me, just like Shafiq. But it's at the worst of times when you look back and see if you've done the right thing. It's at the worst of times when you think of what would you do if one of the worst two own, will you repeat the same mistakes? It's at the worst of times when you reach out to God and pray your heart out for him to get you through this and to a better result.

When I look back I see that we haven't worked enough with people although we have the power to. Starting from the referendum that we should have learned from, to these elections. We either protested or talked together in our own bubbles without thinking of the rest of the country. Many of us needed revolutionaries to talk to them, to tell them of the nobility of our demands, to show them that what is happening of lack of security or economic crisis is not because of the revolution, but of the those who rule us. The only time we really tried to reach to people was before January 25, 2012 when we had Kazeboon, Masrena and Tweet Share3 going strong all over the country. The results were amazing back then, but we never learned to do this with the elections. We could have had a Kazeboon for Shafiq and Moussa long before even the elections started, we could have done much more. All of us could have worked for people to support a revolutionary candidate. I know not everyone would accept that, but there are a percentage of people who needed us to tell them the truth and we let them down.

All the revolutionary candidates should have united instead of everyone being very selfish and hanging by themselves. It would have been very easy to choose who to be president, they could have done a simple pseudo-elections and let us, the revolutionaries, choose who we want to be our candidate in the elections. This would have solved the problem of everyone saying that they have a better chance of winning. The sum of Sabahy's and Abo El Fotooh's votes is much more than those of Shafiq's or Morsy's. Not only this, but having those candidates as a team would have resulted in a huge campaign and would have given balance to them and it would have been a very easy win. If those candidates didn't want to unite, then at least WE should have united on one candidate rather than being divided on many many candidates. Simply there was so much that we could have done, but didn't do. At least we should learn for our mistakes this time.

When thinking of the future, I see a lot more people dying. Whomever wins is not important because it's a catastrophe in both cases, that is if it is Shafiq or Morsy. In that case we should focus with all our might on the constitution and its referendum so we don't lose everything. We will definitely have to protest the minute one of them goes against the revolution, which will be very soon. We must learn from our mistakes this time, we've wasted too much, a lot more than enough. We must unite again we must work together against both Ikhwan and flool and SCAF. There is nothing else we can do, that's what we have to do.

While praying to God to save us from this catastrophe, we have to work for it too. I'm not an expert, but if we're able to raise all the corruption cases we could get rid of Shafiq. We should pressure so much for these cases to go to court, because this way we can end this Shafiq disaster and have the run-offs between Morsy and Sabahy and things would be a lot better. If this doesn't work, then anyone who plan to not vote for any of the two can annul their vote rather than boycott. The more annulled votes there is, the more illegitimate the next president will look. If we can reach 50%+1 annulled votes, legally nothing will happen, but the elections will look very illegitimate both locally and internationally and would give us more legitimacy to protest against that president whoever he is.

Although I'm terribly freaking out, this is not the end of the world by any means. Nobility doesn't die, and we're fighting for noble ideals which will never die even if we all do. So just have faith, please. Lotus was a scared plant in Ancient Egypt, its roots grow in the soil, its stem in water and its leaves in the air. How dirty the soil, water or air were, never stops it from growing, it never stops its leaves from being the cleanest and purest of leaves. Our revolution is a sacred Lotus, it grows in soil, water and air, and how dirty any of them are will never stop it from growing or being pure. So just have faith and don't give up, the revolution continues.


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