We Say No to Injustice

You know how many of the popular activists were worried of calling for a protest against Shafiq because they were afraid that people won't join? Well, people proved them wrong today. Because just as the results came out and we understood that the committee did nothing about the fraud cases and that Shafiq is actually going to be in the run-offs, they went directly to Tahrir. They went their without anyone asking them to or planning it or anything. The real Egyptians who are not the best political analysts, saw what's right and they did it.

It's been crazy since Friday with people being stuck in a dilemma and not knowing what to do. You'd walk in the street, get in a restaurant or a shop and you'd see people talking about how they don't know what to do. Most of the Egyptians were praying for a third option all the time. And when the minute came and the third option didn't come to them, they went to get it.

I went out in the morning with a depression that has left me unable to breathe, with a headache that kept getting stronger. But after I went back to Tahrir, I came home full of hope and faith and will. I have seen the same place I used to see back in the best days of my life. I have seen people respecting everybody and being nice to one another again. I have seen the Utopic Egypt I used to see last year. Today I learned that even if some activists gave up and decided to take the easy way out, the people won't.

Yes we were a few thousands but we made a lot of noise, and yes people joined us because they agreed with us. Everyone was so angry and let it out in their chants and claps. We sang Ultras songs, all of us, boys and girls, old and young. We had side talks everywhere thinking of the third choice. A few fights took place between Ikhwan supporters and people who chanted against them, but they were easily overcome. I spent their a night that has pulled me from death back to life, and for that I'm grateful


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