Some see me as a crazy person because I can't find someone to vote for. Others see me as a crazy person because I won't boycott the elections. Others see me as a crazy person because I don't want to vote for one of the candidates who have the best chances of winning. I am not crazy, I just want to be clean of all the dirtiness in this game, my vote is my duty and if I don't choose to put it in the right square, then my conscious won't let me live in peace for one day.

I can't vote for someone who I see as not the best in all 13 candidates just because he's OK and has the highest chances of winning. If I'm in a room with people all taking drugs, should I join them just because they're all doing it? Let democracy choose whatever it wants, but I won't just join the herd on something I know is wrong, not when I have a choice.

I can't boycott because it's my duty to try to choose who's best in the 13 candidates, to try my best to make him win. I don't see where boycotting would take us, and I only see that it has never taken us anywhere before and will only lead to more mess. Boycotting is not an option.

I can't find someone to vote for not because I'm looking for a perfect candidate, but because I want a clean person. Clean doesn't only mean that he is not corrupt, it means that he is not a hypocrite, he is not a man of double standards, he is someone who is just, some who does whatever is right, not whatever is good for him. This is not too much to ask, this the least I can accept in someone who wants to rule the country. If you see these things as a bunch of nothingness, then let tell you that we're not moving any forward without them.

I know I'll eventually have to choose between the 13 and choose the best of the worst because simply I don't have any other choice. But I also know that this will never make me happy, that I'll never forget that day. Call me crazy all you like, but I'm not, I'm just a person with an awaken conscious.


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