Presidential Campaigns: Khaled Ali


Bread, freedom, social justice and We'll make their dream a reality: Khaled Ali's campaign is very poor unfortunately, so the advertising is not very professional. So I found two slogans both are revolution's chants... Sort of lack of creativity, but this is their way of proving that he's one of the revolutionary candidates. Both are nice and revolutionary and since these chants are the revolution's demands they make sense. But they could've done better with creating a new revolutionary slogan.

Very simple with the flag colors. He has a look of a dreamer, this is a problem. I'd rather he looks straight to us, not down and not up. We want a realistic person, yes someone who can make dreams come true, but not a dreamer who looks to the sky and forgets to look ahead. The font of the slogan is awful! A Halloween font, very very very bad choice. Yellow is a nice, friendly color, good choice. Him not wearing a tie is a very old cliched trick that he would have better not used.

This one is much better, except that he's holding his hands to his chest, a sign of fear or trying to protect himself from something. He has a nice youthful smile and the colors are nice and comfortable and they go well with the background.

TV Commercial

 Couldn't find any.

On The Ground

No money, so very few work on the ground. No billboards at all and just a few banners and posters. Khaled Ali has benefited from the fact that he is loved by many workers whom he fought for their rights and made conferences for them and their families.


These workers are the majority of his supporters and of course they hardly have money to live. He unfortunately does not have enough donations for the campaign at all.


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