Be Free, Part Five: To See is to Do

Since I have said everything I wanted to say about obsessions and how to set ourselves free from them, I'd like to end this series with two things: first, I must thank my friend from Sri Lanka who wrote very nice comments on Slaves, they're the reason that made me think about obsessions again and helped me find the way to set myself free from them. So to my Sri Lankan anonymous friend, if you're reading this, thank you. The second thing is a reminder....

It is Horus's eye, to see is to do. Seeing a truth and not acting upon it means that you're still where you are. Seeing the truth is not the first step of the path of changing, it is only finding the path. It's up to you to take the path or to ignore it. Having great knowledge doesn't make us wise, it's acting upon that knowledge that does. So we might know that we're obsessed with a thing or two, but we might not try to let go. We might know how to set ourselves free of these obsessions, but we might not take the path. We might know all the true attachments, but we might not attach ourselves to them. It's all up to us, to seek the truth is up to us, and to act upon it is also up to us. Yes, it is hard work to set ourselves free from attachments. Yes, true attachments might put you in a lot of inner wars, it might make you do things that you don't want to do, but knowing that this is the right action will make you one of the few happy people in the world.


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