The Sound of Death

He was so tired but couldn't sleep, something felt wrong but he didn't know what it is. He had a long day at work, but he still finished and passed by his friends in the sit-in near where he lives. It's been there for four days, and he always felt that they were visitors that he should always check up on. He got back home late that night, his wife had just put their baby to sleep, he went in and kissed them both as if he feels it's going to be the last time he sees them. He tries to tell himself that it's OK, that nothing is wrong, that he is just imagining, he gets up and decides to sleep. As he stands up he hears that sound, a strong sound coming from far away. A sound that is too weak to be a bomb and too strong to be fireworks. Then he hears it again, then again, and again. With every explosion the sound comes closer, and the closer it gets the more sounds he hears. At some point the sound is mixed with screams, with chants, with someone suffering. Then it comes closer and stronger, then it seems to be in their street. Now he can hear people running, the sound of a growing fire, someone asking for help. He runs to his balcony, he knows those faces, why are they shooting at his neighbors? He sees an old lady screaming for help, trying to run from the shooting and the fire but can hardly walk. He runs downstairs to save give her shelter. As he runs down the stairs the sounds come closer and closer the screams get louder, the fire grows bigger. When he reaches the street, he sees a war between people he knows from the sit-in and others that he has never seen. The others are crazy and so fierce, they're everywhere. He aims to the old lady feeling so worried about his family and wanting to run right back up. As he gets her inside his building, he sees a person from the sit-in shooting aimlessly trying to kill as much as he could from the other group. He shoots everywhere, he stands looking to him wondering how many of his neighbors have died in this war. He wonders why they died, their only crime is living in that place. As he stands watching the war as if it's a movie and all the sounds a background, he feels great pain, as if his body has exploded, he lifts his hand and sees blood. The he hears a sound that is stronger than all others, closer than all others, he looks to the guy then falls to the floor. Breathing his last breaths, he could hear the sounds of screams, familiar screams, he could hear a crying baby, a crying old lady. He hears more gunfire, more explosions, more screaming, more fire. As he lets out his last breath, he thinks to himself: "it's a sad world, I'm glad I'm leaving".


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