Revolution of Morals

A few months ago I wrote about the Utopia that we had inside Tahrir during the 18 days, and how people have really changed in the few days after. I thought that people would change with a better government and with living a humane life. I said that all the mess we lived in was because people lived an awful life for more than 30 years. I'm not sure if I agree with everything I said back then...

It is true that living an inhumane life can never make you a good person, this I agree with, but what about the middle class? It is also true that if a government punishes people, corruption would decrease and the world would be better. And this is why we're having a revolution, right? To have a government that spreads whatever is righteous and punishes for all the wrong, right? But what if some of those revolutionaries don't even have morals? What if they don't have the same morals they want the government to enforce? How do you want to enforce something when you do it's exact opposite?

When some "revolutionaries" lie, how do you they plan to fight for a government that seeks the truth and acts upon it? If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's those people who saw with their own eyes people from the Abbaseya sit-in carrying weapons and not only shooting at thugs who were also shooting at them, but at everyone and killing people who live there. They saw this and decided not to say a word because it is going to be "harmful for the revolution". I would like to remind you that half truths are actually lies. They decided to lie, but it is not only this, they also didn't mind seeing some innocent people being killed in the process! If a revolution is built on no moral, it will never bring a government that has morals, we will never have a constitution based on morals, we will never choose a president who has morals. We will never go anywhere. And of course, those who don't mind people using weapons will mind these weapons when used against them. That's what we call double standards!

We've suffered from lying, from hypocrisy, from corruption, from fraud, from bribing, from theft, from all kinds of injustice, from inequality, from discrimination and from many many other things. If the revolution too suffers from all this, then we won't go any further, we'll be stuck in this situation until another revolution, a better one, erupts. I don't expect the morals of a whole country to change in a day or two, not anymore, but I expect the revolution to always bring the best of us and in us, to never accept lack of morals. Otherwise we can call this a dirty game of politics and not a revolution of morals.


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