Presidential Campaigns: Mohamed Morsy


Renaissance... is people's will: this slogan is also one of the best. Renaissance is what we all want, and that's what they're program is about; the renaissance project (also a very good choice). By people's will they give the impression that the program can never be achieved unless it's the will of the people and they work for it.


Very very very ugly poster! Terrible choice of colors! I'm aware they're using the flag's colors, but the whole poster is red and black except for one line! This is horrible! Red is blood and anger, and black is corruption and dark ages. Why? These are the worst colors they can ever use for a candidate's poster. The font is also unfriendly and uncomfortable, and although they were kind enough to write his name in white, they again chose black for 2012. How stupid is that? His smile is too weak that I can't even see it, he has this lame and weak look, one that is far from helping him winning the elections. The renaissance logo (next to the short number) is a nice idea with the two gears which are a sign of an industrial project and hard work.


The two commercials focus on the renaissance project and not on Morsy himself at all. Morsy only appears in one of the commercials for a millisecond. It is a message that says that whoever leads the renaissance project is not important, that it's the project itself they're focusing on. This also is to say that they, the Muslim Brotherhood, will lead their project from whichever position they're in, whether it's the president's office or the parliament or both. The commercials themselves are not bad; they show people from many different backgrounds with the background of the scenes also giving signs. One very very important thing is that all women in both commercials were veiled! As if this is how it has to be, as if all women in the country are veiled. The fact that the commercials are not focusing on Morsy won't help him at all in the elections. They might be well done direction wise, but they don't send the right message.

On the ground

On a one way trip from Roxy to Smart Village I have seen 11 billboards of different sizes for Morsy. Yesterday I passed by a huge conference in Cairo University, the number of cars was indescribable. His supporters, or the project's supporters, make support rallies almost everyday. The Muslim Brotherhood are very good on the ground, so I expect them to go the farthest of villages and poorest of people.


I don't see a reason to wonder about the money of the campaign, because simply we have no idea about the Brotherhood's money! They spend a lot on the campaign and this is expected, and if there's something we need to know the source of, it's Brotherhood's money!å


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